The Time for a (R)evolution in Health and Wellbeing is NOW!

Change begins with one person, and one organization, at a time.

Evidence that healthy lifestyle choices have a quantifiable impact on preventing many illnesses and their recurrence continues to mount.  Yet many individuals most in need of implementing new behaviors are not taking actions that could lead to:

  • more energy
  • less stress
  • greater quality of life
  • reducing financial burden due to medical and insurance costs
  • a life of wellbeing

We asked ourselves, knowing the impact of stress on successful, sustainable behavior change and performance along with the power of our Energy Leadership™ model to transform stress into energy that works for us, not against us, what strategies and solutions might we provide to address some of our country’s greatest concerns?  We also asked, what two entry points would provide us with the greatest access who have the most at stake and where we could make the greatest and fastest impact on wellbeing. Our answers.... Healthcare and Corporate America.

Corporations and Organizations Healthcare Organizations

What does wellbeing have to do with your organization?

According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than 75% of employers' health care costs and productivity losses are related to employee lifestyle choices.

Employee Disengagement

There is significant hard data on the relationship between engagement, personal wellbeing and their impact on our ability to achieve high performance in the workplace.

Within the healthcare system, statistics show an indisputable correlation between patient satisfaction, engagement, and outcomes and the engagement level of healthcare practitioners who care for them.

For many corporations and healthcare organizations, wellbeing is a not-yet-fully-optimized opportunity to:

  • Increase employee satisfaction, engagement, and loyalty
  • Increase productivity
  • Decrease employee turnover and associated costs, including employee morale
  • Decrease the number of days of productivity and associated costs lost due to health issues
  • Decrease employee insurance health plan costs
  • Increase overall energy and vitality of the organization or business and its employees
  • Stand out in your field to attract top experts and professionals

Another study by the University of Michigan’s Health Management Research Center showed,

  • As the frequency of one-on-one onsite coaching sessions per employee increase, the medical costs per employee decrease
  • Illness days decreased by 4%
  • Perceived Health and Health Age Index both improved by 20%

What’s (R)evolutionary about our approach to wellbeing?

Here at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), we’ve invested years in developing and training coaches in our Energy Leadership model, a model that powerfully and sustainably helps our students, certified professional coach graduates and their clients design and implement changes in behavior to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Based on demand from our iPEC graduate community, we designed programs to embed our Coach Centric skills with professionals in their roles in corporationseducation and law enforcement. We combined the success of all these programs with our vision of “transforming the world, one person at a time” and created a vision for a new kind of (R)evolution.

iPEC High Performance Triangle

The innovative approach that 7th Level Wellbeing – a division of iPEC Coaching – offers is a new model for reducing stress and increasing high performance by generating wellbeing in all areas of life.

Our vision of supporting prevention as the key, not only to individual personal health and wellbeing, but also to that of our businesses, organizations and, ultimately our country drives our commitment of changing the world one person at a time.

Ultimately, it is our holistic perspective – knowing that any situation or person is conditioned and impacted by more than just what we can see in front of us, that supports the successful outcomes of our clients, programs, coaches and our ability to take the conversation of leadership, consciousness and awareness to an entirely new level.

Learn more about how we can help you transform your organization from the core:

Corporations and OrganizationsHealthcare Organizations

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