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Accelerate your business goals with JOY

By Guest Blogger and iPEC Graduate René Johnson

Lately, I have noticed a trend in speaking with my clients. I've been having many conversations around reminding them of the importance of experiencing more joy in the pursuit of their business goals. It may seem obvious that one should experience joy in the pursuit of success. Yet, I often find that entrepreneurs, and yes, even coaches, lose sight of this in the day to day busy-ness of juggling all the many hats they wear. So much so, that it is taken for granted or even seen as a luxury.

Being a passionate, purposeful, and service driven entrepreneur myself, I understand what it is like to have many ideas and plans and to work on many projects and goals at one time, all the while seeing many more things I would like to accomplish. Now some would say being an entrepreneur is hard work and you just need to accept it doesn't come with a lot of joy, just a lot of sacrifice and work. Honestly, I once fell into this limiting thinking trap too. I started noticing, even though I was working really hard, I wasn't enjoying what all this hard work was supposed to give me. And I'll let you in on a secret, it even made me question, am I really suppose to serve, do I really have a gift to give? I knew I have gifts to give and people have benefited. But my emotionally depleted side was full of self-doubt. Crazy, right? Not really.

Without joy, you'll end up feeling tired, unmotivated, stalled, even resentful and confused of why you are doing all this anyway. The danger here is you could give up on a perfectly good idea and someone who needs your gifts won't get to benefit from them. You will also be sacrificing in your personal life and lacking self-care and balance, further diminishing the joy necessary to fuel your passions and see them through. This can create a vicious cycle and leave many casualties (the "wish I would have/could have done" kind) in its path.

So how important is joy in your life and work? Very! Besides the emotional benefits, feeling joy affects your productivity level. And being productive is a necessary skill to keep your passions and business alive. Productivity is the ability to produce great results per investment of your energy/time/money. And if productivity is not JOYFUL- it's not sustainable! So my advice to you is make sure in your daily pursuit of your passions and goals, you make time to stop and experience the joy.

About René Johnson
René Johnson (formally Rioux) is a  iPEC graduate. As the owner of Power Zone Coaching, and the author of  “Leaving Your Comfort Zone," René is passionate about helping others take control and achieve their bold goals while experiencing more peace and joy in the process.  Her website is

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