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Apples to Apples...You Are What You Eat

by ipeccoaching
Nov 19, 2012 4:52:50 PM • Reading time 1 minute

Making changes to your physical body requires you to take a good look at the choices you make about what you eat.  As with exercise, it’s a matter of connecting the choices you make with the outcome you really want.

Food and nutrition mean different things to different people. Some people think food is love, some think of it as entertainment, some equate it with comfort.

People eat when they’re sad, when they’re happy, when it’s time to eat, when they’re bored – and for many reasons. And yet, not too many people eat just because they’re actually hungry!

Really, food is just energy for your body. Like a car needs fuel to make it run, your body needs its own fuel to function.

If we are what we eat, then how do you define food and nutrition for yourself in order to connect choices with your desired outcomes?

—Bruce D Schneider, MCC, PhD
Founder, Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)

(Today's blog is excerpted from iPEC's self-mastery personal development program, The Law of Being.)