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D Luke Iorio Named President and CEO of iPEC Coaching Leading iPECs Growth Into New Decade

While Luke was with LINC, he enrolled in iPEC's Coach Training Program and met iPEC's founder, Bruce D Schneider. Soon after the initial meeting, Bruce brought Luke on staff to act as a business consultant. That quickly evolved into a full-time position as iPEC's Vice President in charge of marketing, and later operations as well. Luke left his own business and joined iPEC full-time, drawn to coaching and Schneider's work on Energy Leadership.

Before owning his own business, Luke worked at Corporate Investment International as vice president of business development and as a certified business intermediary for mergers and acquisitions, specializing in working with entrepreneurs with businesses netting under $20 million in revenues.

Throughout Luke's career, he has developed a keen understanding for the needs of the modern professional and entrepreneur. His insight provides him with a unique skill set that helps him assist individuals in the navigation of significant business and life transitions.

A sought-after speaker in the area of leadership and entrepreneurship, Luke is currently co-authoring the book Skillpreneur, which aids entrepreneurs whose skills and expertise lie within their profession, in understanding the unique challenges of learning to grow a business. Luke is also working on an eBook series on workplace engagement - the top issue identified by corporations as critical to sustaining growth, retaining top talent, and developing their next generation of leaders.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Luke attended Seton Hall Preparatory School and went on to Fairfield University, graduating with a degree in marketing. Luke currently resides in New Providence, New Jersey with his wife and two children.


Quotes from the Founder and the new President

Bruce D Schneider, iPEC's founder and Chairman of the Board:

"It is my proud honor to appoint Luke to this position. Luke has been a driving force in the growth of iPEC's business over the past 6 years. His passion for iPEC and the profession of coaching, coupled with his unbridled energy and enthusiasm, are exactly the ingredients needed to lead iPEC as it continues to grow its core business and expand into new directions."

D. Luke Iorio, iPEC President and CEO:

"I'm very fortunate to be a 'product' of iPEC - I started as a student, graduated and worked as a coach, and now have been part of the team for the past 6 years. As an organization, we live and breathe our principles and our coaching methodology - it's who we are and what we do, and it ripples throughout the organization. You'll see it in our support team, our trainers, our admissions coaches, our leadership, and ultimately our graduates. Being around a highly engaged and energetic team and iPEC alumni community provides me the chance to continually develop while being inspired. This is what 'work' and life are supposed to be like."


The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), an ICF-accredited coach training program provider, offers the most comprehensive and experiential coach training program in the world and is the originator of the Core Energy Coaching™ process – the most effective leadership framework and change process in use today. Founded in 1999 by Bruce D Schneider, MCC and Ph. D., the Institute graduates Certified Professional Coaches in the specialties of lifecareer/transitionhealth and wellness, relationship, teen, businesscorporate, and executive coaching.

In addition, iPEC offers the highly successful and deeply transformational Coach Centric Leadership™ program to K-12 school districts, universities, corporations, organizations, governments , law enforcement agencies, and non-profit organizations around the world.

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