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Written by Christine Walsh
Previously published on One Idea Away | July 26, 2019

More money, more love, more time. 

More abundance, more clarity, more ease, more grace, more confidence, more flow. 

More joy, more freedom, more creativity, more happiness, more communication, more courage. 

Simply stated, MORE MORE

“More” has become ever-present in our society. 

I get it. I work in the realm of money. Most people I speak and work with want more money, more abundance, more time and—to be honest—I’m so over it. 


This blog contains my interpretation of the copyrighted work of Bruce D Schneider and the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).

A statement that I was taught during coaching school was an iPEC Foundation Principle saying that baffled me for years. 

It was “You cannot make a mistake.”

What? I’ve made a ton of mistakes.

And then one day, it hit me . . .

“I cannot MAKE a mistake.” 

You Cannot Make a Mistake

Right! I can’t “make” a mistake. Meaning, I don’t go out intentionally looking to make a mistake–and you don’t either. 

Once I recognized that every experience has the opportunity–the seed–of a lesson in it, it automatically catapulted me into my own power. I then knew I wasn’t at the effect of what I did wrong. I now had the choice to choose to look at the “mistake” as an opportunity to grow. This is based on my interpretation of another iPEC Foundation Principle, “All experiences are opportunities for growth. . .”

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