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Business Development  |  D. Luke Iorio - iPEC President  |  attitude  |  creativity  |  expectations  |  intentions  |  leadership  |  new perspective  |  reframing

“No” Improv

One rule of improvisational acting (especially in comedy) is to never respond to your co-actor by saying “no.” Using the word “no” is a quick way to halt momentum, stop the actors in their tracks, and break the energy of the act. In improv, it’s best to go with the flow, to maneuver through the energy, and re-direct it as you need.

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Blog Feature

Business Development  |  Coaching and Coach Training  |  D. Luke Iorio - iPEC President  |  Energy Leadership  |  achievement  |  attitude  |  become a coach  |  coach training  |  expectations  |  intentions  |  leadership  |  life coach training  |  opportunity  |  personal achievement  |  power of choice  |  self-improvement  |  success

Response-Ability: Don’t React Too Quickly!

You know those moments when life pushed back on you, and you decided to simply step back, look around, and take another path to where you wanted to go?  Those moments where you should have faltered, you should have let the weight of the world slow you down?  Instead, you simply shrugged, and kept moving.  Not sure yet?  Then let’s create some inspiration with your response-ability, and then you’ll realize you’ve had this ability all along.

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LIFE COACHING: Everything You’ve Wanted to Know (But Were Afraid to Ask)

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