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Unlock your life’s possibilities by learning how to raise the consciousness of the world.
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Unlock your life’s possibilities by learning how to raise the consciousness of the world.

Join the hundreds of thousands of coaches and clients whose lives have been transformed through the iPEC experience.

Unlock your life’s possibilities


Here, YOU become your own first client, learning to look at situations differently and embrace your own shifts in attitude. 


Through the Core Energy Coaching™ process, you’ll develop the ability to help people create “choice” in how they think and feel. 


Through a combination of live ICF-accredited, in-person or virtual classroom events plus specialty focuses, certifications, business development assistance, peer networking, and research-backed assessment tools, your experience at iPEC is truly an all-inclusive one.


From the very first day of training, you’ll be up and out of your seat, practicing what you’ve learned. In each live module, you'll employ coaching techniques and benefit from constructive feedback. 

Instead of sitting through dull lectures, you’ll actually live the process and participate in the experience of a lifetime.


iPEC has been an ICF-Accredited Coach Training Program since 2002 and we provide more training hours than any other school in the world. Here, you are poised to receive your ICF-recognized professional coaching certification. 


Tap into the powerful energy of iPEC’s global community! This exclusive support system includes forums with access to top trainers and coaches, as well as a lifeline for fast answers to real-life scenarios. (In other words, you have a worldwide tribe of coaches that have your back.) 

Forge lasting connections with the people that walk before, behind and beside you, all along your journey.


Honor the voice inside you that’s calling you to discover the field of coaching. Give yourself the chance to capture a new way of seeing the world. It’s time that you clarify your own idea of success and find the path that’ll take you there.

About Jenny Wiley, iPEC Director of Community

Jenny Wiley is the hustle and heart behind the team here at iPEC. She’s passionate about play, communication, heart hugs, and energetic connections in her work and with her family. As the Director of Community for iPEC, Jenny holds the space for developing processes and programs, mining and celebrating community feedback, and equipping community members with tools to help them grow and share our mission.

Turn Knowledge Into Power

Utilize constructive resources to inform and inspire every step of the journey toward your future as a coach.