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Virtual Unity Replays
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Virtual Unity Replays

Join us weekdays at 11 AM ET/ 5 PM CET on Facebook Live for your daily dose of connection! Don't fret, if you miss a day, we will record and will update this page with a link to the archived sessions.

Whether you’re seeking hope, inspiration, creativity, or just want to be part of a thought-provoking conversation (we love those) we welcome you to connect with our team of certified professional coaches! 

Intention Setting

March 23 with Ryan Stanley

March 30 with Erin Cummings

April 6 with Wendy Irwin

April 13 with Anne Barwick

April 20 with Joan Kling

April 27 with Erin Cummings

May 4 with Katie Hollingsworth

May 18 with Julia Armet


Guided Grounding

March 24 with Jenny Wiley

March 26 with Tonya Echols

March 31 with Jenny Wiley

April 2 with Michele Walter

April 7 with Paul Boehnke

April 9 with Xiaohong Li

April 14 with Donna Kass

April 16 with Melanie Klein

April 23 with Anne Barwick

April 28 with Danielle Adams

April 30 with Nancy Kobel

May 5 with Michele Walter

May 7 with Sandy Earl

Connection Corner

March 20 with Luke Iorio

March 25 with Lisa Kaplin

March 27 with Nina Cashman

April 1 with Jaimini Chandarana

April 8 with Joan Kling

April 15 with Marilyn Rose

April 17 with Nina Cashman

April 22 with Michelle Kuei

April 24 with Heidi Krantz

April 29 with Steven Reeder

May 1 with Elle Cronin

May 6 with Desiree Perez

May 8 with Bridgette Simmonds

May 21 with Naomi Self

June 1 with Minou Hexspoor

June 4 with Michelle Kuei

June 11 with Danette Estrella

Our Admissions Coaches are excited to learn more about you and what inspires you. They're each graduates of iPEC's Coach Training Program, here to support you in deciding if coaching is right for you, and if iPEC is right for you! Click here to reach out

About Jenny Wiley, iPEC Director of Community

Jenny Wiley is the hustle and heart behind the team here at iPEC. She’s passionate about play, communication, heart hugs, and energetic connections in her work and with her family. As the Director of Community for iPEC, Jenny holds the space for developing processes and programs, mining and celebrating community feedback, and equipping community members with tools to help them grow and share our mission.

Turn Knowledge Into Power

Utilize constructive resources to inform and inspire every step of the journey toward your future as a coach.