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What's Your New Year's Revolution?


Sure, losing weight, eating healthier, or quitting a bad habit, are great New Year’s resolutions. But, what are your plans for creating revolutionary changes in your life for the upcoming year?

Resolutions usually focus on actions – doing more or less of something. To achieve real change, we must recognize and understand the reasons for the actions and change ourselves from the core.

We must not only know what we want – we have to have a plan to get there.

We need to have a clear vision of what we’re going to create.
We need to understand why we want it.
We need to be aware of what has been holding us back from leading the life we desire.
We need to understand the “why” to enable us to shift how we’re going to show up.
We need to bring that thought and that new way of being, that new way of showing up based on that new belief, into the front of our minds.
We need to live our lives according to our vision.

Are you starting to see the difference between a resolution and a “revolution?”

Revolution is a process.

Think of revolution as a transformational process. A process that can be consciously driven. We can transform our lives. We can transform ourselves. It’s a process of becoming. It’s the integration of who we are and how we show up on the other side – revealing who we really are. It’s chipping away at all the baggage, the muck, and the experiences that have held us back.

Because of the different experiences, and the different ways we react to our environment and our circumstances, and the assumptions we build and the interpretations we have, and the fears that we develop, we cloud ourselves. We filter out more of the “real” us. So, to have a revolutionary transformation, we need to chip away at all of those things that block us from truly showing up the way that we’re meant to.

It’s this “becoming” process – this revolution to be who it is that we’re trying to be – the person who is really us. We’re trying to get to the core of who we really know we are. Make 2015 the moment in time that you step into yourself…there’s no holding back now.

Wishing you a Happy, Healthy, and Revolutionary New Year!

Live on Fire!
Luke Iorio, CPC, PCC, ELI-MP
President & CEO
Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)

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