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Business Development Program for Professional Coaches

Included in your tuition at iPEC

Gain the business development knowledge you need to be successful as a professional coach

When you want to inspire peak performance through coaching, getting clients is an essential step in your training.  

Quick Start—Getting Your First Clients is a complete business development program for launching your coaching practice AND it's included in your iPEC tuition.

Whether you plan to earn a generous income by coaching full time, part time, or by bringing coaching into your workplace, draw from real-world experience—that works.

What’s Included in the Quick Start Business Development Program:

Your (Realistic) Roadmap to Going Full Time

Discover common benchmarks and timelines of growing a full practice, plus proven formulas to help you master each stage and stay focused and on track to your short-term and long-term goals.

The Most Crucial Step: Defining Your Ideal Client and Unique Marketing Style

Gain detailed insights into online and offline marketing—and tailor an approach that works best for you. Discover why a niche is so vital and develop your own—including a magnetic way of describing what you do that engages and attracts your ideal clients.

Your Most Valuable Business Asset: Your Email List

Part 1: Discover why your email list is your most valuable asset, learn how to use it, and create emails with a step-by-step formula (designed to make the process easy). You’ll also remove the mystery around frequency of emails and how it relates back to getting clients.

Part 2: Set up your email list with a guided screen share tutorial. Get step by step recommendations—and be all set up by the end!

Attract Your Audience and Stay Connected

Learn how to create and deliver a free offer to build your email list. Follow along with the step by step screen share tutorial and model your offer from the provided template.

You’ll then create a value-based marketing plan to stay in front of your new audience.

Show Me the Money: How to Begin Charging for Coaching

Learn the art of ethical selling and begin to connect with interested potential clients. The skill set of selling is a foundational principle in business and essential to master to create a long-term, thriving practice.

The Backbone: Setting Your Prices and Defining Your Coaching Package Structure

Set yourself up to smoothly sign on clients in a way that honors your financial needs as well as your clients’ experience. Three areas of focus bring the process together.

  1. Understand the ideal number of packages and sessions to offer for best results.

  2. Learn how to match up your financial needs with a market-appropriate price for your coaching services. You’ll also discover important factors to weigh when offering discounts.

  3. Gain insights on when to accept payments (and why), how to accept payments, and specific resources to get started.

Creating an Online Presence: Your Website

Before you go and build a website, it’s important to understand its function as a marketing tool.

  • Discover when and how to create your coaching website, to make the most of your time and money.
  • Gain specific recommendations on do-it-yourself free options, hosted templated options, and web designers to meet any budget.
  • Know exactly where to start and what content to develop with a page-by-page screen share tutorial.

Building an Audience: Social Media, Seminars, and Live Events

Gain added insights into key online and offline marketing tools to set the foundation for your business. Learn how to use social media to build an audience online and discover how to use seminars to build an audience offline. Plus, understand how to set up your first live event so you can have one immediately!

Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Learning the Sales Conversation

Your marketing will create conversations with new people—who you’d like to turn into paying clients. Learn and understand the “needs-based” process that qualifies people before you invite them to a complimentary session and significantly increases the odds that they’ll sign up to work with you.

You’ll also get an outline with specific talking points to successfully navigate these conversations with ease.  

Tying Everything Together: The Business of Coaching

This final class covers everything you need to know to tie up all the fine details of a successful coaching business—including specific business systems you need to get started, forms, coaching agreements, and even a process for learning how to structure your business day for optimal results.

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