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Let’s face it—you’re frustrated with your team at work.

No one’s on the same page.

You’re constantly putting out fires.

Everyone feels siloed, focusing on their own tasks.

The team’s goals, core values, and mission statement are merely lip service at this point.

And they all come to you, looking for answers and solutions to their problems.


But you still haven’t figured out how to get them working together, committing to one another, and reaching goals collectively.


You’ve tried plenty of things to get through to them. To get them engaged. To break down the walls between them.

You’ve dedicated your morning commute to leadership podcasts and audiobooks.

You went to that management and leadership conference last year.

And you’ve certainly been organized and deliberate about how you structure meetings, relay communications, and track progress.


You’ve found glimmers of hope here and there—moments within conversation where it seems like you’re really impacting them, shifting their perspective, and empowering them to make their own positive changes. Those moments leave you feeling oh-so-fulfilled and encouraged in your role.


But those moments are fleeting.

You get so close to what feels like a major breakthrough… only for your team members to slip back into old habits, siloed ways of thinking, and poor communication. And for all the work to somehow, inevitably, fall back onto your own plate.

You just wish you could find something that would stick—a way to lead your team that finally brings you all together, connects you in a meaningful way, and ultimately improves team performance AND fulfillment for the long term.

But you wonder... Is that just a too-good-to-be-true fantasy? Can I really facilitate this kind of change?

Yes, you CAN.

You can unite your team, reach your collective goals, and feel genuinely fulfilled at work.

It’s possible for you to stroll into your office every morning, feeling present and joyful to be there.

It’s possible for you to develop a cohesive, connected team culture where every member feels seen, heard, and ready to move toward common goals together.

It’s possible for you to feel deeply aligned with your purpose within your organization, day in and day out. 

Are you getting excited about this future vision yet? 

You have every right to get excited and find hope in this future vision because soon, with the guidance of iPEC’s Leadership Potentials Training, you will understand yourself and your team members in a whole new way and you will begin making this vision your reality. 

Through this experience, you will be an encouragement to everyone on your team. You’ll be a living, breathing example of how possible it truly is to simultaneously improve your team’s performance, gain respect from your team members, and build a work environment everyone enjoys—including YOU. 

You will help people in a deep, meaningful way and feel the impact you’re having on others’ lives. You’ll be able to support your team members and hold them accountable to their own growth paths, thanks to your newfound coaching and leadership practices. You’ll see your team members blossom into respected, fulfilled, aligned humans, doing incredible work in the world, just like you




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“These past 3 days were truly inspiring and feel like they gave me tools that are life changing. It feels as if my life will be split between before Leadership Potentials Training and after Leadership Potentials Training in creating the true life I want to live with my family and professional life. Thank you, truly excited for the next part of this journey.” Leadership Potentials Training Student

You’re closer than you think to making this your reality. 

For one thing, you already know you’re called to make a bigger impact on your team and in your organization. 

And now, you’ve found iPEC. 

iPEC’s mission is to raise the consciousness of the world, one person at a time. We truly hope you’ll be the next—because transformation of your team begins with you.

The professional skill set of coaching provides limitless possibilities for leaders like you. Every aspect of our training programs, communications, and organizational structure is devoted to helping you fulfill your potential and align with your calling to make a bigger impact in the world. Backed by over 30 years of research and a proven track record of success, we aim to inspire and support your calling to change your life through coaching.





This is the breakthrough you’ve been looking for. 

You’ve come so close in the past. Now it’s time to get to know yourself at a deeper level, break through the blocks that have kept you from positively impacting your team, and finally feel fulfilled at work. 

iPEC’s Leadership Potentials Training holds the keys that will help you awaken your leadership potential and have a profound impact on the people you live and work with. It’s designed for and enrolled in by leaders, professionals, and future coaches like you. 

This live training program is an invigorating, immersive, 3-day experience, designed to empower you to consciously choose your actions, create the reality you most want to experience in life and at work, and help others to do the same for themselves. 

When you experience the Leadership Potentials Training, you will: 

  • Equip yourself with the leadership coaching skills necessary to create lasting change within your team and organization.
  • Begin to see yourself as a coach and be able to impact your team members in a deep, meaningful way.
  • Explore what it will be like to develop your own coaching leadership style—one that feels natural to you.
  • Discover how you can best serve yourself and others with your innate strengths and abilities.
  • Gain crystal clear clarity about what’s been holding you and your team back so far.
  • Break through your blocks and limiting beliefs in order to reach your purposeful goals.
  • Learn and use iPEC’s powerful, proprietary goal-setting tools to create individual and team success.
  • Prepare a plan of action for your own long-term, sustainable transformation.



"Through iPEC, I learned how to apply coaching techniques to my organization’s leadership development training, helping me cultivate stronger leaders and drive meaningful change." PASQUALE BISECCO, iPEC Graduate

What You Get

iPEC’s Leadership Potentials Training is a LIVE, IMMERSIVE, INTERACTIVE, 3-day training course, hosted by experienced, world-class trainers in our dynamic virtual classroom. 

As a Leadership Potentials Training Student, you will:

  • Develop a profound understanding of what coaching truly is.
    Spoiler Alert! Coaching is not merely a set of skills that you do, but also, a mindset and a distinct way of being.
  • Be introduced to the life-changing Core Energy Coaching™ process that inspires peak performance in yourself and those around you.
  • Learn iPEC’s unique Energy Leadership™ method, showcasing the 7 distinct energy levels that are the key to understanding why everyone thinks and acts the way they do, in life and in the workplace.
  • Identify the Big Four Energy Blocks. 
  • Discover iPEC’s proven techniques and strategies for overcoming the Big Four Energy Blocks on your way to success.
  • Learn over 30 Core Coaching Skills, tools, and principles that help you uncover your core belief systems and those of your team members, challenge perspectives, shift energy, and open up infinite possibilities for growth. 
  • Practice coaching skills and techniques. At iPEC, no one sits through dull lectures or stale academic formats. Instead, you’ll actually live the process and participate in the experience of a lifetime. 
  • Acquire enough skills to begin initiating positive, sustainable shifts in your current work environment. While you’ll need to complete the entire Coach Training Program to become certified, after the Leadership Potentials Training, you’ll be well on your way. Moving forward,, your investment in the Leadership Potentials Training can be applied to iPEC’s full Coach Training Program if you choose to continue on in your coaching mastery.
PLUS, you can bring one guest with you to share in this team-building, life-changing experience, at no extra cost! Get TWO tickets to this virtual event for the price of ONE
You’ll also receive the physical hard copies of the Leadership Potentials Training materials and workbooks, shipped directly to your home, prior to your 3-day experience. These will help you integrate your insights from the teachings and will serve as a reference guide for years to come. 


iPEC’s Leadership Potentials Training will teach you how to connect with your team members, help them succeed, and foster a greater sense of fulfillment for you. 
Your investment in this 3-day experience: 
$1,995 USD | $2,500 CAD | £1,550 +VAT GBP | €1,595 +VAT EUR | $2,330 SGD
AND your investment in the Leadership Potentials Training can be applied to iPEC’s full Coach Training Program if you choose to continue on in your coaching mastery.

It’s easy to enroll in Leadership Potentials Training:

  1. Simply fill out the form below. 
  2. Hit Submit. 
  3. An Admissions Coach will then be in touch via phone to help you enroll in the Leadership Potentials Training virtual classroom that’s right for you. 





You have immense potential

potential to open up a world of opportunities to grow personally and professionally, serve others, reach your goals, follow through on your commitments, find fulfillment in your life, and honor your innate leadership abilities. iPEC’s Leadership Potentials Training is your next best step to realizing this potential.

“I came into the training not knowing what to expect and left truly transformed. The balance of teaching, demonstrating, and practicing the skills was perfect. The environment of trust and confidentiality allowed for great learning and growing. Perfect. Leadership Potentials Training Student

Leadership Potentials Training May Surprise You

Leadership Potentials Training is truly unlike any other leadership training out there. 

  • You’ll experience iPEC’s unmatched learning methodology that prioritizes your ability to learn concepts, then practice skills, and finally, reflect on your training. 

  • You’ll be empowered to see your team, and even yourself, differently. This will shift paradigms, create new possibilities, and help you to develop processes for better leadership.

  • You’ll have direct access to your iPEC lead trainer and fellow students, as we ensure class sizes stay small and personal.

  • You’ll get an opportunity to observe your whole self through a new lens–one that sees you holistically, as both a professional working to impact your organization and also as a human being working to impact the world. 

“I was thrilled with my experience this weekend. The training and training assistants were top notch. I am very excited that I chose IPEC to take me on this journey.” Leadership Potentials Training Student
“I'm thoroughly pleased with the smooth running of operations. I felt focused, encouraged, excited, challenged, stretched and awe-inspired during this whole process. I feel enormously blessed and grateful for everything that has gone into making this training come together!” Leadership Potentials Training Student




Now is the time to change your life.

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