At iPEC, You Don't Just Learn How to Coach, You Become a Coach

A Life As A Certified Professional Coach is Lucrative and Fulfilling 

Becoming a Certified Coach is more than a career decision – it’s a choice that will change your perspective, alter your way of thinking, and shift how others see you. Students quickly discover that they not only learn how to coach others, but how to “walk the talk” themselves. And that’s exactly why becoming a Certified Professional Coach transforms your whole way of being.

Thanks to our breakthrough Core Energy Coaching™ process and our pioneering Energy Leadership™ framework, iPEC graduates are preferred by clients and organizations the world over who seek rapid, sustainable, and measurable results.

It’s no wonder that iPEC coaches are making a difference in the world. As graduates of the most comprehensive Accredited Coach Training Program in the industry, our coaches are in high demand for their masterful skill in guiding clients to fully engage, to achieve measurable success on their own terms, and to reach their full potential.