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Why Obtain a Health and Wellness Coach Certification?

At its core, health and wellness coaching is about helping people make profound and lasting shifts that promote joy through wellness across all aspects of their lives.

According to multiple sources including the Global Wellness Institute and WebMD, “. . . global health and wellness coaching trends are systemically integrating health and wellness coaching into new delivery models, including personalized care, global corporate wellness, schools/universities, and community centers . . .” 

In other words, the demand for health and wellness coaches, whether they own their own coaching business or work with corporate or university health programs, is growing—and for good reason.

Along with maintaining the foundational elements like nutrition, exercise, and stress management, people are also seeking to enhance their wellness through social contact, connection with nature, and financial wellbeing—all of which can be addressed by health and wellness coaches.

As an iPEC-trained COR.E® Wellbeing Dynamics Specialist (CWDS), you’ll hone your ability to compassionately support clients as they navigate those challenges on their path to leading happier, healthier lives.

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The iPEC Difference: Be An Expert In Your Field

In Phase One of iPEC’s Coach Training Program, you’ll learn techniques for getting to the root of your clients’ challenges and creating sustainable change using our Core Energy Coaching™ method—and earn your Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and Energy Leadership Index® Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) certifications.

Then in Phase Two, you’ll dive into the COR.E® Dynamics curriculum. This program features a systematic approach that includes all the concepts, exercises, and experiences you’ll need to help your clients boost their health and wellbeing when you choose health and wellness coach certification as a niche.

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Clients who seek to enrich their wellbeing want to know how they’re limiting themselves and how to move through resistance and increase their fulfillment. In this specialized program you’ll receive 40 hours of on-demand, niche-specific training, earn your COR.E® Dynamics Specialist certification, utilize advanced coaching resources that you can implement with clients immediately (including the SCOPE® app), and gain access to monthly live webinars.

The best part? Everything described above is included in the cost of tuition for health and wellness coach certification.


The SCOPE app helps them to more quickly see, in any given moment, how their thinking affects their performance and how to shift their thinking. When they take it often, they learn more quickly and make leaps in their personal and professional development instead of making small incremental changes. A client last night said how much this assessment has helped him and that he has made tremendous progress.

—Paul Monahan, CPC, ELI-MP


Learn More About the iPEC Coach Training Experience

With its exclusive curricula and niche-specific tools and skills, COR.E® Dynamics helps health and wellness coaches increase their impact (and revenue!), attract their ideal clients, and excel as industry leaders.

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