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Tonya Echols

Lead Trainer

  • With Tonya, there is this unmistakable presence about her—a quiet source of strength which is so compelling it makes you sit up and take notice.

    She exudes both a strong faith in herself and in humanity, a testament to her religious beliefs and spiritual growth. As a woman who has experienced devastating loss, Tonya draws from a deep well of faith which has nourished her soul throughout the course of her lifetime. At the heart of it, she believes growth and kindness are at the core of why we are here.

    “For me that growth means to be at peace for myself, to be honest with myself, and to be kind to others. Everything else I’ll figure out.”

    “Figuring it out” is something Tonya knows how to do well. She graduated summa cum laude from the University of Tennessee in Business Administration and is a Certified Public Accountant.

    She has 25 years of experience in corporate management, business operations, digital and traditional media, technology, finance, coaching, and leadership development, working with a variety of corporations and government entities. She is an iPEC Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership™ Index Master Practitioner, along with a COR.E Dynamics Specialist (in the areas of Leadership and Transitions) through iPEC. Tonya also holds a Professional Certified Coach credential through the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and is a contributing member of the Forbes Coaches Council.

    In her private coaching practice, Vigere, Tonya applies her diverse background including her skills in areas like “design thinking” to connect with her clients. She then draws on her own real-world experience of successfully leading large teams and the variety of management challenges that arise within those teams to co-create powerful alliances with them. Her unique perspective and multiple disciplines foster impactful coaching partnerships with leaders throughout various industries internationally.

    Tonya Echols resides in Atlanta in the heart of the Peach State. When she’s not training, facilitating, or coaching, you’re sure to find global citizen Tonya traveling the world, exploring new cultures, meeting new people, and noting how they engage and play the game of life together. Tonya loves seeing the world through the eyes of others while learning about their history and life experiences.
Wendy Irwin

Lead Trainer

  • Wendy Irwin is as creative as she is quirky. She's straightforward, plainspoken, and as authentic as they come. She calls this signature style her ‘stank,’ which encompasses 1,001 idiosyncrasies and personality quirks. And when she skillfully blends that ‘stank’ with her long and winding road of professional experience—from starting out as an opera singer, to then becoming a handbag designer, to her work as a mentor for entrepreneurs—she creates magic in her role as a Lead Trainer.

    Of course, Wendy is quick to credit her experience going through the iPEC Coach Training Program as an important part of her journey, and one that allowed her to step into this bright-shining version of herself.“I believe the opportunity that iPEC gave me to truly be vulnerable in a safe space that launched me into astronomical growth that would have normally taken a lifetime.”

    Ask anyone who knows Wendy and they’ll tell you she genuinely loves witnessing people forging their own paths, and stepping into who they truly are.

    This passion of Wendy’s is made evident through her work with Redefiners, a group of adventurous trailblazers who are ready to carve a new path built from a powerful sense of knowing and who are ready to bend a few rules so they can transform their lives, disrupt their industry, or break free from the status quo.

    Today, Wendy is an iPEC Certified Professional Coach, an Energy Leadership™ Index Master Practitioner, and she holds a Professional Certified Coach credential through the International Coaching Federation. But don’t let that long list of impressive credentials fool you! Wendy also brings her eccentric, fun personality in full force to everything she does. In fact, that commitment to showing up authentically and at full volume plays a huge role in Wendy’s guiding philosophy for life.

    “When you believe in the power of your voice, you create endless opportunities to change your life, your work, and the world.”
Jaimini Padleckis

Lead Trainer

  • When it comes to describing the experience of Jaimini Padleckis, words seem woefully insufficient. While her intellect is sharp, she is thoughtful, yet reserved in her approach. She listens carefully while someone fully expresses themselves, and then with an almost uncanny ability to cut right to the chase, she cleverly sums it up in an honest, understanding way.

    “In situations and relationships, I’ve always been able to see things others don’t. I’ve been described as loving but not in a mushy way—I know I can be tough.” Jaimini continued, “Honesty and empathy are values for me, and I accept others without question, which I’m told makes people feel very safe.”

    Jaimini has an extraordinarily playful side to her nature, a zany wittiness, and when she laughs—she comes completely undone, throwing her head back as she succumbs to it, letting it wash over her.

    After graduating from Manchester Metropolitan University with a degree in psychology, Jaimini went on to earn her Masters in Human Resource Management from the University of Bedfordshire in the United Kingdom. Her work as a senior HR & Organizational Development Professional, Trainer, and Coach continued for twelve years where she functioned at a strategic level within organizations while acquiring extensive operational experience.

    Jaimini continues on her own path of personal development, ever evolving her finely tuned sense of Self. She is a certified teacher in the davidji Masters of Wisdom and Meditation Training program and has recently started training in Somatic Coaching.

    Jaimini and her husband, Art, reside in East Sussex, UK where they live with their beautiful daughter Alya and all her furry pets! The two love to travel, adventure, and experience their slice of life while skydiving, being in nature, or simply delighting in one another’s company during an afternoon of play and fun.
John Bond

Lead Trainer

  • It’s fun to introduce this Lead Trainer with a slight play on words, a British accent, and just a hint of drama reminiscent of Ian Fleming’s 007 character. His name is Bond—John Bond! Fictional MI6 agent aside, John volunteers, “I’m really just a nerd who loves technology, spending time with my family and Labrador retrievers, and riding roller coasters whenever I can.”

    Best described as having the heart of a teacher, John’s soul is surely that of a life-long learner. Self-motivated in his pursuit of knowledge, he enthusiastically creates tools and resources to make his and other’s lives easier.

    John’s background as a professional development trainer and consultant extends 29 years while working as a former administrator in the field of education. His company is JLB Coaching and Consulting at The company motto is Creating the Life You Love which centers around Life and Career Transition for those trying to reignite excitement to live and lead with passion and authenticity.

    One of John’s key life philosophies is that everyone is worthy of dignity, love, and respect. His approach to life is to maintain a sense of wonder, to have fun, provide service, and create meaningful connections along the way.

    Watching people succeed at something they didn’t believe they could, makes him smile.“I heard it said, your day is nothing more than a string of stimuli.” John said, “ Being able to realize your greatest source of strength is not in the circumstances or the people around you, it’s in you. Your circle of influence, therefore, is to look inward, not outward, and then ask, what do I choose to do?”

    John shares drawing inspiration from nature, and his love of travel . . . especially by means of a very well-appointed cruise ship
Lisa Kaplin

Lead Trainer

  • At first glance, you’re sure to notice the unmistakable twinkle in the eye of Lead Trainer, Lisa Kaplin, which merely hints at the sassy, sardonic wit you’ll encounter in your conversations with her. As smart as she is sassy, Lisa is a psychologist who ran her own therapy practice for nine years prior to becoming an iPEC Certified Professional Coach in 2011, and most recently a lead trainer. She is also an ICF Professional Certified Coach.

    Although Lisa readily shares drawing inspiration from people who have managed to create beautiful lives despite the chaos, and adversity they have overcome, she wasn’t sure she loved the work of staying in the processing phase with her clients. Her desire to help others, led her to iPEC Coaching where she found a way to empower others, and provide support more in alignment with how she wanted to experience life.

    At an early age, Lisa says she discovered how to effectively read other people and to adapt to their moods. Flash forward to present day, she’s not looking to adapt to other’s moods. Lisa is passionate about women’s empowerment and sharing a strong feminist agenda.

    When asked about her life philosophy, Lisa doesn’t hesitate to respond, “It all comes down to choice. I ask myself, what can I control here, and how will I choose to look at this?” Then, in a way that is so uniquely her own, Lisa adds through uproarious laughter, “Bummer, wish I could just change people.”

    She coaches executives and successful professionals who feel stuck in their relationships or face communication challenges such as those with a boss, their spouse, or children. In her work to further her client’s development of self-leadership, she helps them to foster and maintain healthy personal and professional relationships through awareness, communication, and plenty of practice.

    Lisa Kaplin has been married for 28 years. She is the proud mother of three young adult children, and one very spoiled Goldendoodle.
Nina Cashman

Lead Trainer

  • Should you ever find yourself in the presence of Nina Cashman while she’s passionately advocating for something she cares about, take good notes. A skilled conversationalist, Nina has equipped herself to think and act simultaneously—drawing on her knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense, and insight.

    “The philosophy and teachings of iPEC were a big draw for me. I was blown away by how much it resonated. Just minutes into the first training module, I recall thinking, “I’m so lucky I chose this training program. Now I’m immersed in the Happiness Studies Academy course. I get up early to read and think about it.” She continued, “I’m a philosopher at heart, and totally content hanging out with Plato.”

    Nina became an iPEC Certified Professional Coach in 2013 and promptly left her role as a successful corporate marketing leader, 17 years in the making, to pursue her passion for developing people. In 2014 Nina launched her private practice, Pave Your Way, with the guiding principle being—the most important brand a person can build is their own. She believes successful brands are created by people who pave their own unique path, guided by their own hearts above all else. Nina primarily coaches executives and corporate clients transitioning in their careers.

    Nina is also an ICF Professional Certified Coach and an iPEC Lead Trainer since 2016.

    On a personal note, Nina and her husband eloped on July 4th 2009. They forgot the marriage license for the occasion, so were officially wed July 5th. As a self-proclaimed introvert, Nina says it’s the simple things in life that light her up most—time in nature, and fun activities enjoyed with her husband and her #1 clients—her two young sons.
Kenya Haupt

Lead Trainer

  • If there’s a common thread that jumps off the page when looking at Kenya Haupt’s 35 years of experience working in Corporate America before starting her own coaching business, it’s her love of working with people.

    Whether she was in a role focused on college recruiting, human resources, or corporate social responsibility, Kenya often found herself in roles that involved supporting others. And no wonder! It only takes a few moments of being in her presence to sense how much Kenya truly values her interactions with others.

    Today, Kenya is an iPEC Certified Professional Coach, an Energy Leadership™ Index Master Practitioner, and Lead Trainer—where her adventurous, silly spirit and her love of learning really get to shine. She also holds a Professional Certified Coach credential through the International Coaching Federation.

    Through her coaching business, Change Your Game Coaching, Kenya primarily works with individuals who are either seeking a promotion or have recently received a promotion and are working on acclimating themselves to a new role quickly and successfully.

    She has also enjoyed working with many college students who are navigating through job searches or considering continuing with a Masters or PhD program and beyond. No matter who she’s working with, witnessing others’ transformations never gets old.

    Don't let impressive credentials fool you! Wendy also brings her eccentric, fun personality in full force to everything she does. In fact, that commitment to showing up authentically and at full volume plays a huge role in Wendy’s guiding philosophy for life.

    “When you believe in the power of your voice, you create endless opportunities to change your life, your work, and the world.”
Sherri Gerek

Lead Trainer

  • One might best describe Sherri's presence as understated. Gradually she unveils her imaginative sense of humor and kind-heartedness through her energy, her stories, and her coaching demonstrations. Students refer to her as warm, welcoming, and wise while those who know her best say it’s her calming disposition and unwavering lack of judgment which contribute most to the fun, relaxed, and open atmosphere in her classroom.

    Sherri became an iPEC Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership™ Index Master Practitioner in 2011, and an iPEC COR.E Dynamics Transitions Specialist. Sherri holds the highest designation of coaching credential, Master Certified Coach (MCC) through the International Coaching Federation. As Chief Academic Officer for iPEC Coaching, Sherri directs and oversees the academic program, and Academic Affairs teams - leading policy development and implementation in student learning, programs, training, coaching, research, and related student success areas.

    “I enrolled in iPEC Coach Training in 2010. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made for personal and professional development.” Sherri said with a smile, “Somewhere during the first half day of training I recall thinking—WOW! I have just happened upon my purpose here!

    Prior to iPEC, Sherri spent 25+ years in leadership and development roles in the sales and marketing functions of the travel and hospitality industry. Since 2011, Sherri maintains her private coaching practice, Let’s Strut Your Stuff. Originally focused on coaching women leaders, Sherri transitioned in 2015 to coaching felony non-violent offenders transitioning through Drug Treatment Court. Her specialization is interpersonal effectiveness and emotional intelligence to support clients in building big, beautiful lives they love

    Some of Sherri’s experiences include skydiving, scuba diving, hiking and camping, gourmet cooking, nature photography, travel, co-piloting a plane she and her husband owned for several years, and running her only race, a marathon, on her 46th birthday—just to see if she could. Sherri and her husband, Larry, recently celebrated 30 years together.

    You can find Sherri immersed in nature somewhere, drawing life lessons from her surroundings, talking to and more importantly, listening to the animals while appreciating the beauty at home in Montana.
Daniel Macca

Lead Trainer

  • “Mine is an unconventional life,” Daniel declared. “From childhood on, I’ve always followed the beat of a different drum.”

    A self-professed non-conformist, Daniel harkens back to his earliest school day memories when he was that kid in class who was continually raising his hand, speaking up, and asking questions.

    “While my method was not the easiest, nor the most popular with the teachers, it was the path closest to my heart,” Daniel continued. “I was drawn to human development and psychology in high school, studying meditation and philosophy while using mental imagery to improve my athletic performance.”

    Often described by clients and students alike as incredibly present and fully accepting of others, Daniel strikes the perfect balance between masculine strength and the traits often associated with the feminine side of human nature—nurturing, kindness, and caring.

    Daniel holds an MBA in organizational behavior from Marylhurst University and a Bachelor’s of Psychology from Loyola Marymount University. In 2012 he became an iPEC Certified Professional Coach and a lead trainer in 2016. Through his private coaching practice,, he coaches executives, entrepreneurs, and university students to successfully overcome challenges and achieve massive results.

    When not coaching or training, Daniel can be found bike riding, hiking, spending quality time with his family, or practicing his favorite form of martial arts, Jiu-Jitsu.

    Daniel, his wife, their two children and the family pets reside in Boise, Idaho.
Sarah Kipp

Lead Trainer

  • Kind, authentic, compassionate, and deeply empathic. These are just a few of the words people who know her would use to describe Sarah Kipp, and for good reason! Even after just a few minutes of being in Sarah’s presence, her genuine warmth and care for others are immediately clear.

    Along Sarah’s journey to becoming a coach and a Lead Trainer, she gained a plethora of experience providing training, education, and support to a variety of populations that are close to her heart. After graduating from college, she served as an educator and professional development specialist in the field of Deaf Education. Then in 2006, Sarah started her own business to provide training and education to adult learners, particularly in the areas of writing and presenting. She’s also an experienced presenter, writer, and member of the LGBTQ community, and she frequently explores with audiences the connections between language, communication, advocacy, and allyship.

    Sarah has now served as a Certified Professional Coach for over ten years and has found individual coaching to be one of the most transforming and rewarding aspects of her professional practice—and it all started with the personal transformation she experienced as an iPEC student.

    Today, Sarah is an iPEC Certified Professional Coach, an Energy Leadership™ Index Master Practitioner, and Lead Trainer—in addition to holding a Professional Certified Coach credential through the International Coaching Federation. In her business, she partners with clients who seek to increase the impact they have in the world through their writing, leadership, and presentation skills. Sarah also specializes in supporting neurotypical and neurodiverse adult learners in pursuing and achieving their academic and professional goals in a variety of settings.
Cindy Gardner

Lead Trainer

  • Often described as a bright light, Cindy Gardner’s warmth, humor, and authenticity dazzle like a bonfire in the night sky. A few minutes with her and you’ll experience a special brand of super power, her rare and extraordinary gift of positive effect. Cindy cuts to the chase with an approach that is at once, compassionate and courageous. Those under her tutelage are motivated and encouraged to be their personal best.

    “Coaching and training is my life’s calling. I get to express my gifts, my purpose, and passion, in a way that is so energizing,” Cindy shared. “Time flies when I am training a classroom of new coaches. In that space, the alignment of who I am with what I do is truly effortless and all just feels right with the world.”

    Cindy holds an M.B.A. from Fairleigh Dickinson University and a B.A. from Rutgers University, with additional certificates through the Wharton School of Business and Kellogg Graduate School of Management. She became an iPEC Certified Professional Coach, and Energy Leadership™ Index Master Practitioner in 2008, and shortly thereafter a COR.E Dynamics Specialist (in the areas of Leadership, Performance, and Transitions) through iPEC, architects of the Core Energy Coaching™ process. Cindy also holds a Professional Certified Coach credential through the International Coach Federation.

    In her role as an iPEC Lead Trainer, Cindy has guided thousands of people on a transformational journey through the coach training program.

    Cindy is a facilitator of the Happiness Studies program at the Happiness Studies Academy (HSA), co-founded by Tal Ben Shahar, professor of two of the most popular courses in Harvard’s history.

    Cindy’s career began in corporate sales and marketing for multiple Fortune 500 companies, including Bristol-Myers Squibb, AT&T, and Lucent Technologies. From there, she joined a cutting-edge, Atlanta-based branding firm specializing in the areas of health (hospitals), wealth (banks), and wisdom (higher education).

    Cindy speaks, trains, and coaches extensively on leadership, mindfulness, self-awareness, purpose, and the power of choice. She resides at the Jersey Shore where you can find her practicing yoga, playing piano, enjoying all things pop culture, laughing with family and friends, and delighting in an occasional skinny vanilla latte at Starbucks.
Leanne Wild

Lead Trainer

  • Leanne is an Executive, Leadership and Life Coach, Lead Trainer for iPEC Coaching and a Corporate Team Facilitator with 2250+ hours of 1:1 Coaching and Facilitating.

    As a former lawyer for over 17 years, she predominantly works with Accomplished Professionals who are motivated to expand and accelerate their range of Leadership capabilities.

    She has an accreditation with the ICF as a PCC Coach, working towards her MCC accreditation. She works with 2 assessments, namely the amazing Energy Leadership Index Assessment (ELI) and the EQ.I 2.0 assessing Emotional Intelligence.

    Leanne is authentic, passionate and vibrant in her coaching approach and balances her assertive curiosity with compassion, empathy and clarity which allows for openness, trust and vulnerability in her sessions. Oh and FUN! Life’s too short not to enjoy our time together!

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