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Admissions Details
for the United Kingdom

Welcome! We’re excited you are considering joining us at our London location. There are three sections below with important details relevant to this location when you decide to take your next steps.

VAT Consideration:

If you plan on enrolling at one of our UK locations as a private individual, regardless of your country of residence, The United Kingdom requires a 20% VAT be added to your tuition.

However, if you are planning on being an entrepreneur you might consider establishing your legal business entity now. 

In doing so, you may be able to reduce your total out-of-pocket cost for attending our training by utilizing business deductions (like the 20% VAT). Please understand we cannot provide you tax or financial advice. We recommend consulting an expert who understands your specific situation.

The process to establish your business typically can be done within a few days. Below are some helpful links to have so you can start your exploration:

  • For residents of the United Kingdom, see here for instructions.

  • For residents of other European countries, start your search at this link.

If you decide to enroll as a business entity, you will need to share your Company Name and Address, Company Registration Number and your Company VAT Number.

Your Next Steps to Enrollment:

  1. Complete Application:
    • After speaking with your Admissions Coach, you will be provided with an online application to complete.
  2. Acceptance Letter:
    • If accepted, your Admissions Coach will then send you an Acceptance Letter.
  3. Enrollment
    1. Once you have your Acceptance Letter, you are ready to enroll. Prepare to share the following details:
      • Which payment option you would like to use.
        • If utilizing a payment plan, the day of the month for your automatic payments.
      • The location(s) you are attending—you can attend all three modules in the United Kingdom or attend in different locations.
    2. If enrolling through a company (your place of employment or your own business) please be prepared to share:
      • Company Name and Address
      • Company Registration Number
      • Company VAT Number
  4. The Admissions Coach will then submit your enrollment paperwork.
  5. Once processed, you will receive an invoice with your payment link. This link is used if you are paying via bank transfer or credit card.
  6. Once your tuition payment has been processed, you will then receive your Student Enrollment Agreement which you will need to complete and return.
  7. Once we have your completed Student Enrollment Agreement, you are officially enrolled and will receive your countersigned Student Enrollment Agreement and Welcome Letter.

Additional Details Related to the United Kingdom

Currency: GBP

Payment Options:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit Card (Mastercard or Visa)
  • Direct Debit

Multi-Location: If you plan to attend multiple locations, currency and payment information would be based on where you attend Module I.


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