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iPEC's ICF-Accredited Coach Training Program

When you choose iPEC’s program, you’ll receive 320 hours of coach training and three different certifications:

First, you’ll be a Certified Professional Coach. Through iPEC’s Core Energy Coaching methodology, you’ll be able to do much more than help people solve surface-level problems. You’ll be able to address the root source of their blocks, unleash their potential, and create real, sustainable change, so they can not only achieve their goals, but become the most confident, self-reliant, and fulfilled version of themselves.

In addition to the CPC, you’ll also become an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner. The ELI is an assessment that’s unique to iPEC. It helps you do the deepest, most effective coaching by quantifying and measuring an individual’s underlying energy patterns--their beliefs, fears, and unconscious programming. Having that tangible knowledge about their patterns makes it so much easier for them to change and get the results they want, making YOU a rockstar in the coaching world! And for those of you that want those big corporate contracts, this is how you can show corporate clients tangible return on investment.

PLUS with your certification in COR.E Dynamics, also specific to iPEC, you’ll learn additional techniques for maximizing performance and shifting energy according to your client’s specific challenge so they can get unstuck and achieve their goals quickly and efficiently. Think of it as your advanced degree in coaching.

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How The Program Works

Now that we’ve touched on the three certifications you can earn when you choose iPEC, let’s talk about how the program works, and what you’ll be expected to do!

At iPEC, you have three opportunities to join us throughout the year: In either March, July, or November. 

The pillars of iPEC’s program are a series of three live, intensive trainings spread out at 3-month intervals. Each training lasts for 3 days, morning to evening. We call these trainings “Modules,” or “mods” for short. So, if you were to begin Mod 1 in November, for example, your Mod 2 would be 3 months later, in February, and your Mod 3 would be 3 months after that, in May. You can choose to attend your Modules either at a physical location, in the city closest to you, or virtually from anywhere in the world! Training Modules are available Fridays/Saturday/Sunday, for those that prefer their three days of live training over the weekend, or Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday for those who prefer a midweek training.

Whether you attend a physical location or virtually, you’ll be in a classroom with your fellow students and lead trainers, as well as additional support staff. The 3-day training Modules are some of the most fun, interesting, and engaging experiences you’ll have as a new coach! There’s nothing quite like being in an intimate group of people who share the same core values as you, and can make you feel seen and known.

iPEC’s focus is on helping you experience the coaching tools you’ll eventually use with your clients and co-workers while learning how to coach. You’ll be experiencing the power of coaching on a very personal level while growing toward your vision of success, throughout the program! Whether you’re participating in group activities or 1-on-1 breakout coaching sessions with a peer, you’ll be practicing what you’re learning within the first few hours of training. Plus, you’ll be making great friends and connections as you go. One of the special benefits of attending iPEC is that we always attract high-quality, self-aware, driven, and empathetic people who want to learn and grow as much as you. It would be hard not to make lifelong connections!

In the time between Module 1, which is the official start of the program, and Module III, you’ll be doing about 5 hours per week of virtual work, most of which is very flexible! In fact, flexibility is an important facet of how this program was designed. Almost everyone who enrolls at iPEC works full-time, and many have young children or other big responsibilities that they’re balancing. This is not the kind of program you have to put the rest of your life on hold in order to commit to!

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Weekly Time Commitments

Here is a break down of your weekly commitments so you can see how they add up to about 5 hours per week:

You’ll spend 2 hours per week coaching and being coached. Shortly after Module I you’ll be assigned a peer coach and a peer client from your cohort--that’s the group of students you attended your first training with. You’ll spend an hour coaching your peer client each week, and an hour being coached by your peer coach each week for about 12 weeks. You and your peers will determine when you meet so it’s convenient for each of you. After Module II you’ll receive two new partners and repeat the process for another 12 weeks. Peer coaching is a safe, fun space to practice and grow together as coaches.

You’ll have a 90-minute online class most weeks. These classes usually happen on either Tuesdays or Wednesdays, and there are a couple times per day you could choose to attend, based on your time zone. Per our school accreditation, it is a requirement that you  attend the majority of these classes live, but can also miss a couple and watch the replay, if you need to.

You’ll spend an hour per week with your peer group. This is a small discussion group you’re partnered with to review and practice your skills, as well as get the chance to connect with iPEC students from outside of your small cohort. You and your peers will determine when you meet so it’s most convenient for everyone.


You’ll spend 30 minutes every month with your Mentor Coach. This is dedicated time each month for you to coach an experienced coach that iPEC assigns to you and receive feedback on your progress while further developing your skills. It’s a safe, constructive environment where you can learn, grow, and make mistakes without judgment.

You also get to work with a Success Coach, which is very important to your growth as a coach. At iPEC, we walk our talk and believe in the power of coaching! So, when you enroll in our Coach Training Program you receive something that not just any school offers: Three sessions with a Success Coach--an iPEC-trained coach specifically included in your tuition to coach you on your vision of success-- whatever that looks like to you! They’re there to help you figure out exactly what you want to do with your certification and how you’re going to make that vision a reality. 

In addition to the weekly commitments that are active and participatory, you’ll also have self-study homework assignments. But unlike traditional school, you won’t have rigid due dates. Instead, you’ll be given a list of assignments at the beginning of the program, and you’ll have the entire length of the program to work through them at your own pace and either turn them in as you go, or turn them in all at once, at the end.

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Choose Your Specialty

Whether you choose Life Coaching, Transitions Coaching, Executive Coaching, or any of the 10 specialties that iPEC offers, think of your specialty as a bonus to the core content you’ll learn in your 3 training modules and weekly online classes. It’s like the cherry on top of your coach training sundae! And if you don’t know what specialty you’re most interested in, that’s OK! You’ll have access to the content that the other specialties focus on, so you won’t miss out on anything regardless of what you choose. Plus, keep in mind that you’ll have plenty of opportunities to be coached around your decision of what specialty to focus on! The goal when you complete your certification is for you to be able to coach anyone around anything.

You’ll also receive business development training!

Included in your intuition is the option to delve into the business-building side of coaching. If you’d like support in figuring out who you’d most like to work with, how to find clients, how much to charge, and plenty of other facets that new coaches are often eager to explore, you’re going to enjoy diving into our Quickstart program, which begins after Module II of coach training.

So, what happens when you reach the end of your coach training experience at iPEC?

After Module III you’ll have up to a year to turn everything in at one time--your peer coaching logs, mentor coaching log, your self-paced assignments, and so on. While you have a year, you probably won’t need that much time! Most students turn everything in within a month or two of completing Module III.

After submitting everything required you’ll take your oral exam, which involves you coaching another person and getting assessed on how well you did. When you pass, you’ll be a Certified Professional Coach!

All told, when you go through the complete training at iPEC you’ll receive 320 hours of ICF accredited coach training, and be able to earn not just 1, but 3 different certifications. You’ll also receive a library of branded content that you can integrate into your own coaching practice, as well as optional business development training for those students who want to learn the foundations of how to start and grow a coaching business. 


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The journey was unbelievable. What I learned at iPEC gave me permission to live the life that I want to live. Now, my job is to give these gifts to other people and I love doing it. I see my clients transform as they relax and start to follow their own intuition.

Claire Kluever
iPEC graduate

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