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The 10-Minute Insight Tool for Life Coaches and Their Clients

As a life coach, how powerful would it be to have a tool that helps your clients identify their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in the moments prior to their biggest challenges?

What if, just prior to giving an important speech, they could identify how they are feeling and how those feelings might influence how they show up for that presentation?

How might your coaching sessions change if your clients had a reading on their emotions and were able to debrief that reading with you both after an important event or before it?

You are in luck! The SCOPE (Specific Current Operational Profile of Energy) app allows your client to take a quick (under 10 minute) assessment that profiles their emotional energy right before they are about to take on a task such as a challenging conversation, a stressful life situation, or a new unnerving experience. SCOPE is a non-judgmental look at how our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors lead us to either highly successful outcomes or situations that we might label as failures. 

The power of the tool is that it allows the client immediate insight into themselves. Similar to a medical test in which you get immediate results—those in-the-moment results can help you identify the situation. Then, ask yourself how you might choose to respond differently to and address those results in the moment.

A high blood pressure reading can indicate that some calming meditation might be in order. Similarly, a SCOPE result might indicate that some quick relaxation techniques could lead to more success for the task that your client is taking on. 

Energetically Speaking

iPEC defines emotional energy in two different states: catabolic and anabolic. Catabolic energy tends to show up similarly to the fight/flight response and is tearing down energy. It’s super helpful if you are about to get in a car accident but not when you are having a challenging conversation with your partner. Anabolic energy, on the other hand, is growth-producing energy. When we experience anabolic energy, we take responsibility for ourselves, have more compassion for ourselves and others, and see opportunity in all situations.

The SCOPE index measures anabolic and catabolic energy in the moment. It allows you and your client to see if they are walking into a situation from a very fearful space or from an open space. 


Think of your client talking to you about having a very challenging conversation with their teenager. You can ask your client to take the SCOPE index and then report back to you their results. As their life coach, you could then review those results by asking what might happen if they were experiencing a great deal of catabolic energy prior to talking to their child. 

Often we don’t realize until after the fact that we are experiencing catabolic energy. Once we are aware that we are experiencing it, we can then choose if that’s how we want to move forward or if we want to identify tools to release catabolic energy and experience more anabolic energy.

This is where brilliant and powerful coaching comes in! As the coach, you now have clear and non-judgmental information about your client and they also have that information. Now you can ask, “What outcome do you think you will have if you show up to that conversation from the space you are currently experiencing?” If your client says, “Not a good one!” you have opened the door to empower them to a new and, most likely, more successful outcome. 

Coming Full Circle

So, let’s go back to your client who wants to have a challenging conversation with their teenager. Your client takes the SCOPE assessment and realizes that they are experiencing catabolic energy and that catabolic energy is due to the emotional influencer. Your client says that they are quite angry and emotional regarding their child. You coach your client to awareness regarding that anger and how it might lead to a very negative outcome. Your client releases that anger, discovers awareness around why they are so angry, and chooses to show up differently to that conversation. At your next session, your client can’t thank you enough for the awareness that led to a really productive and loving conversation with their child.

That’s the power of awareness! Download the latest version of SCOPE at Google Play or on iTunes.