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Awareness  |  Coaching and Coach Training  |  Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion  |  Energy Leadership  |  Personal Growth  |  achievement  |  adversity  |  attitude  |  coach training  |  consciousness  |  encouragement  |  inspiration  |  intentions  |  opportunity  |  social  |  spiritual

Culturally Conscious Conversations: Spiritual Bypassing and Awareness Gaps

iPEC-Certified Coach, Alyssa Hall, and Dionne Mack, teamed up to have a Culturally Conscious Conversation around the topics of spiritual bypassing and awareness gaps!

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Bruce D Schneider - iPEC Founder  |  Law of Being  |  choice  |  consciousness  |  expectations  |  intentions  |  new perspective  |  reframing  |  self-improvement

All You Need is Love

Whether you realize it or not, experiencing Love is all you really want. Money, treasures, even good health and better relationships are all things you think that you need. But they are only strategies - means, not ends.

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Life Coaching

LIFE COACHING: Everything You’ve Wanted to Know (But Were Afraid to Ask)

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