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Meet Lead Trainer, Sherri Gerek!
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Meet Lead Trainer, Sherri Gerek!

One might best describe Sherri's presence as understated. Gradually she unveils her imaginative sense of humor and kind-heartedness through her energy, her stories, and her coaching demonstrations. Students refer to her as warm, welcoming, and wise while those who know her best say it’s her calming disposition and unwavering lack of judgment which contribute most to the fun, relaxed, and open atmosphere in her classroom.

“Glancing around the iPEC training room I see myself in the many faces there and easily relate to other’s shared experiences as this transformational Coach Training Program unfolds.” Sherri continues, “Most students love the training right out of the gate, while at the same time, some feel very challenged by it. Witnessing a student’s growth and mastery of the skills as they develop in a few months is really inspiring.”

Sherri became an iPEC Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership™ Index Master Practitioner in 2011, and an iPEC COR.E Dynamics Transitions Specialist. Sherri holds the highest designation of coaching credential, Master Certified Coach (MCC) through the International Coaching Federation. As Chief Academic Officer for iPEC Coaching, Sherri directs and oversees the academic program, and Academic Affairs teams - leading policy development and implementation in student learning, programs, training, coaching, research, and related student success areas.

“I enrolled in iPEC Coach Training in 2010. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made for personal and professional development.” Sherri said with a smile, “Somewhere during the first half day of training I recall thinking—WOW! I have just happened upon my purpose here!

Prior to iPEC, Sherri spent 25+ years in leadership and development roles in the sales and marketing functions of the travel and hospitality industry. Since 2011, Sherri maintains her private coaching practice, Let’s Strut Your Stuff. Originally focused on coaching women leaders, Sherri transitioned in 2015 to coaching felony non-violent offenders transitioning through Drug Treatment Court. Her specialization is interpersonal effectiveness and emotional intelligence to support clients in building big, beautiful lives they love

“I left a great career in travel and hospitality to follow my calling to become a coach and trainer, and I’ve never looked back.” She said. “Now I get to work every day with like-minded people who are as passionate as I am about making a difference in the lives of others.

Sherri has an action-oriented approach to life and attributes her own personal growth to living a life where experiencing something new is more rewarding than maintaining the status quo.

“I was raised by a single mother who regularly told her three daughters, ‘Never let anyone place limits on you. If you want something, believe in yourself, do the work, and you can have, do, or be whatever you choose.’ How lucky I was to hear that message reinforced throughout my childhood.” Sherri continued, “As a result, I’ve spent a lifetime testing my mettle—just for kicks to see what I’m made of. I think, wouldn’t it be cool if… then, while pursuing whatever ‘it’ is, I engage 100%. Whether it’s taking a next step toward self-actualization or simply asking for what I want, I approach life with fearlessness.” 

Some of Sherri’s experiences include skydiving, scuba diving, hiking and camping, gourmet cooking, nature photography, travel, co-piloting a plane she and her husband owned for several years, and running her only race, a marathon, on her 46th birthday—just to see if she could. Sherri and her husband, Larry, recently celebrated 30 years together.

You can find Sherri immersed in nature somewhere, drawing life lessons from her surroundings, talking to and more importantly, listening to the animals while appreciating the beauty at home in Montana.

About Jenny Wiley, iPEC Director of Community

Jenny Wiley is the hustle and heart behind the team here at iPEC. She’s passionate about play, communication, heart hugs, and energetic connections in her work and with her family. As the Director of Community for iPEC, Jenny holds the space for developing processes and programs, mining and celebrating community feedback, and equipping community members with tools to help them grow and share our mission.

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