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Meet Lead Trainer, Tara Roth!
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Meet Lead Trainer, Tara Roth!

Often described as enthusiastic, loyal, and supportive by her clients, Tara brings a special brand of positivity to life. She uses fun and laughter as simple tools for putting those around her at ease, and in doing so, Tara motivates others into action.

A strong business acumen, and rock-solid communication skills are key to an executive’s success, but what Tara learned in her 20+ years as a senior executive for multinational corporations went far beyond that skill set. It would be her improvisational performance skills and finely tuned intuition that led to success as a coach, a trainer, and a business entrepreneur. 

After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Northeastern University, Tara launched a career in Human Resources and operations, overseeing plans and orchestrating policies for hundreds of employees in the USA and abroad.

As an actor with experience in theater, film, radio, and improvisation, Tara credits her film and stage work as instrumental to becoming a better iPEC Lead Trainer. “Being fully in the moment and listening are vital to training success.”

“I’ve always had a knack for reading others, and recognized I was highly intuitive as a child,” Tara continues, “No one takes intuition seriously as an executive, but it’s a big part of who I am. Just before I enrolled in iPEC, I accepted a corporate buyout. It was the focus on energy and the spiritual component of the Coach Training Program that really spoke to me! I decided to follow my intuition and passion to help others and left the corporate world behind to start my coaching practice,”

Tara became an iPEC Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership™ Index Master Practitioner in 2006. After certification, she launched Tara Roth Coaching. In 2007 Tara became an iPEC Lead Trainer and later an iPEC Mentor Coach. Currently, she’s training to become an iPEC Assessor. 

“I love teaching. While attending college, I thought about becoming a professor. I am a natural reframer who enjoys helping people find different ways to view something. This work we do as coaches and trainers is so sacred. People trust us and we help create powerful shifts in the way clients think and experience life as a result of this work,” Tara shared.

Tara’s passion is to help her clients improve the most important relationship they have, their relationship to Self. Among many offerings in her well-established coaching career, Tara works with clients to become more professional presenters. She helps them recognize their strengths and leverage them while addressing areas which need improvement. She uses her poise and humor to inspire clients to take action. 

Tara Roth regularly draws her own inspiration from the world around her and says she senses her connection to something larger than herself. As a resident of Massachusetts, Tara can be found immersed in nature, taking frequent trips to the beach or walks through the woods. She loves to tend to her garden, play with her dog, express herself through her pen and ink artwork, or socialize with friends and family. 

Inside of the training room or out, Tara is a gracious hostess, eager to find a reason to entertain!

About Sherri Gerek, CPC, ELI-MP, PCC

Sherri Gerek is a Faculty Member and Mentor Coach at iPEC Coaching. In her coaching practice, Sherri coaches busy working women who want to establish more time for themselves while incorporating more fun and creativity into both their personal lives and careers.

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