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Meet Lead Trainer, Cindy Gardner!

Often described as a bright light, Cindy Gardner’s warmth, humor, and authenticity dazzle like a bonfire in the night sky. A few minutes with her and you’ll experience a special brand of super power, her rare and extraordinary gift of positive effect. Cindy cuts to the chase with an approach that is at once, compassionate and courageous. Those under her tutelage are motivated and encouraged to be their personal best.

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Meet Lead Trainer, Daniel Macca!

“Mine is an unconventional life,” Daniel declared. “From childhood on, I’ve always followed the beat of a different drum.” A self-professed non-conformist, Daniel harkens back to his earliest school day memories when he was that kid in class who was continually raising his hand, speaking up, and asking questions.

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LIFE COACHING: Everything You’ve Wanted to Know (But Were Afraid to Ask)

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Meet Lead Trainer, Lisa Kaplin!

At first glance, you’re sure to notice the unmistakable twinkle in the eye of Lead Trainer, Lisa Kaplin, which merely hints at the sassy, sardonic wit you’ll encounter in your conversations with her. As smart as she is sassy, Lisa is a psychologist who ran her own therapy practice for nine years prior to becoming an iPEC Certified Professional Coach in 2011, and most recently a lead trainer. She is also an ICF Professional Certified Coach.

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