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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


Watch the replay from our exclusive conversation with the ICF!

In July 2021, the International Coaching Federation (ICF) released its new Resource Guide on Diversity and Inclusion for Coach Trainers & Educators.

iPEC's Chief Academic Officer, Sherri Gerek, recently sat down with Luke Davis, Vice President of ICF Coach Training, to discuss why this resource was created and answer any questions you have. 

Watch the replay here!

"Until we raise our level of consciousness, nothing will be visible but unconscious acts."

- Bruce D Schneider


A diverse, equitable and inclusive community is our highest ideal—the essence of our core. Our mission is to exponentially raise the consciousness of the world. As a conscious company, we exist to create a world where we all recognize, celebrate, and honor our shared humanity.

Our philosophy is built on our longstanding principles for high-conscious living which nourish our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion:

  • We experience the world through our own filters and lenses.
    We believe that conscious awareness and empathy for the experiences, beliefs, and perspectives of others is the cornerstone of inclusion.

  • We are connected to everything and everyone.
    We experience life in relation to others directly and indirectly.  We believe that what happens to any one of us, happens to every one of us. We are One.

  • We are each uniquely and intrinsically perfect.
    We affirm the beauty of our humanity by honoring diversity of thoughts, experiences, and perspectives. 

  • We own that it is who we are now, not our history, that shapes our future.
    We recognize and acknowledge the power that we have, each and every moment, to shape the future of our collective humanity.

Conscious Inclusion is at the heart of who we are and what we do.




We hope you’ll join us—by teaching us, by learning alongside us, and by committing to raise the consciousness of the world, simply starting with self.

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