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About iPEC Events

You likely have many questions about coach training and perhaps about coaching in general. The bottom line is you‘re looking to answer the question "Is coach training right for you?" With so much to consider, making the best decision for you takes knowledge and support. That‘s why we created the below events to help you through the process. Register for any of these upcoming events below or feel comfortable calling us at (866) 722-6224.

Wednesday, September 19th

Live Q&A with an Admission Coach

Join us for a live question and answer session with one of our Admissions Coaches. Each of our Admissions Coaches is a Certified Professional Coach - and an iPEC Graduate. They can answer any questions you have regarding iPEC's Coach Training Program, The International Coach Federation, or the coaching industry in general.

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Wednesday, September 26th

iPEC LIVE Coaching Demo

Your opportunity to see LIVE iPEC coaching in action is HERE! Get ready for an exciting and inspiring event where you (as a prospective student) will get to experience iPEC Coaching firsthand.

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Roadmap to Become a Certified Professional Coach

Learn everything you’ll need to know about becoming a Certified Professional Coach, whether you choose iPEC or Not!

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Escape the F.A.S.T. Lane

People often have the tendency to live their life with “blinders” on, causing them to be Frustrated, Anxious, Stressed, and Tired. Learn how to take those blinders off to see the world in a whole new way.

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Turn Knowledge Into Power

Utilize constructive resources to inform and inspire every step of the journey toward your future as a coach.


Coach Training Isn’t Just for ‘Coaches’

The vast majority of professionals who use coaching techniques and skills don’t have “coach” in their professional titles and don’t aspire to.

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Get Your Questions Answered

You’re interested… but you want to know more about getting your first client, or how many companies actually use coaching, or what the coursework is like. Join our Live Q&A session to get the answers.

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Life Coaching: Everything You’ve Wanted to Know (But Were Afraid to Ask)

What is coaching? How do you become a life coach? And, how can it help you start a business or get a promotion? 

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