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Live Q&As and Workshops with iPEC’s Expert Coaches

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How can coaching change your life?

Do you want to start a business? Level up in your current career? Create stronger relationships with your loved ones? Coaching and the skills acquired through iPEC’s coach training program can change every part of your life. Hear from some of iPEC’s expert coaches on where coaching has taken them. Gain inspiration and motivation from hearing their stories—and learn how you can implement the magic of coaching into your own life, starting today!

Tuesday, May 18
1:00 PM ET | 7:00 PM CEST

Office Hours: Bring your questions and curiosity!

Imagine you’ve invited a certified professional coach to coffee or lunch to “pick their brain”. What would you ask them? Here is your chance to ask all those burning questions you have about what it takes to start your journey as a certified coach. Join Admissions Coach, Grace Germond, and fellow iPEC Graduate, JJ Carolan, as they sit down, mugs in hand, to answer your questions about coaching, coach training, building a coaching business, and everything in between.

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Live Q&A with iPEC and the ICF: What is the ICF and why does it matter?

Chat live with a representative from the International Coaching Federation. The ICF is internationally recognized and dedicated to the coaching industry. Learn all about ICF's Individual Credential process and the benefits of being an ICF credentialed professional coach. Don Whittle, Membership Director with the ICF, joins us for this interactive webinar!

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10:00 AM ET | 4:00 PM CEST

Workshop Your Own Definition of Success

In our next episode of the Energy Explorer Live Series, iPEC Certified Professional Coach, Jenn Masse, will share how YOU can workshop your own definition of success and discover how to use your definition to create your ideal life.

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From Day One to Certified Coach—and Beyond!

Curious what it takes to become a Certified Professional Coach? Watch this video to be guided through the coach training experience at iPEC from “day one” to “Certified Professional Coach”—and beyond!

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The iPEC Experience: Unlock Your Life’s Possibilities

Unlock your life’s possibilities by learning how to raise the consciousness of the world. Join the hundreds of thousands of coaches and clients whose lives have been transformed through the iPEC experience.

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Coach Training Isn’t Just for ‘Coaches’

The vast majority of professionals who use coaching techniques and skills don’t have “coach” in their professional titles and don’t aspire to.

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Energy Explorer Live Series

The Energy Explorer Live Series highlights people who are using their talents, drive, and highest selves in order to live their purpose. You’ll get to hear about the head and the heart, the structure and the balance, the creativity and the freedom, to help you create the life of your dreams.

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What is Coaching? Everything You’ve Wanted to Know

Intrigued by the idea of coaching? Wondering what it is, who it's for, or how it can help you in your career? Download your copy of What is Coaching? and get a comprehensive introduction to coaching.

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