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iPEC's Learning Methodology

Why iPEC?


Learning by Design

Optimizing a learning process is something many people don’t give much thought to but in coaching, it’s critical. As a coach, your ability to assimilate and transform incoming information into sticky learning experiences for clients is foundational to a successful practice.

We not only understand this—we intentionally curate exceptional learning experiences for you, with your coaching future in mind.

The iPEC Approach

Adults learn differently than kids do. Theories on this topic are the basis for most adult learning programs, including ours. Essentially, children have dedicated time for learning in school, but even the most growth-focused adults tend to make time for learning only as the need arises. For most adults, the primary focus of day-to-day life is on work and family, rather than acquiring new skills.

As a result, beyond childhood, learning and retention improve when learning is related to everyday life, bolstered by peers, and immediately useful for their current circumstances. 

iPEC training programs are designed with proven elements that drive success for adult learners, including:  

  • Shared learning via small class sizes and peer-to-peer support 
  • Knowledge acquisition through experiences and problem solving 
  • Takeaways related to real-life that are immediately actionable 
  • Acquiring skills to leverage “learn-experience-reflect” feedback loops

Customized, Dynamic Training

iPEC Lead Trainers are also coaches themselves, and as such, embrace lifelong learning as a central tenet of helping others. They view coaching mastery as a journey—not a destination—and they teach by example. 

In addition to using our proven curriculum, iPEC’s Lead Trainers are talented, experienced coaches in their own right, which brings an added layer of wisdom and the ability to cultivate unique learning opportunities as they arise.

This allows learning to be tailored to the immediate needs of an individual—an approach our instructors model that’s useful when students begin working with clients.


The iPEC “Secret Sauce”

Rooted in over 30 years of science-backed research and tested methodologies, our curricula produce life-changing results—not just for your clients but for you, as the coach, too. That’s the iPEC secret. 

The magic is in how we deliver the lessons. Every ingredient—our trainers, their presentation, hands-on learning, realtime, relevant practice, and carefully curated takeaways for immediate use—all comes together to create one cohesive, exceptional learning environment and experience that forever changes our students’ lives.

Once engaged in this learning environment, we’re in this with you. And beyond your training,  you receive support from our community of graduates and from ongoing education, allowing us to evolve together far into the future.

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Both the virtual and in-person classrooms align the iPEC secret sauce with your success. Class sizes are small, group and partner work is valued, curricula have custom elements applied to unique situations, experiential learning is key, and the learn-experience-feedback loops are foundational. 

For online training, technology provides everything you need to engage as if you were experiencing in-person training. Plus, class times are set and conducted LIVE in an instructor-led, online group format. Both venues are equally effective, tailored to the needs of the learner, and provide the world-class coach training experience iPEC is known for.

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