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Coaches are masters at helping people thrive in the face of change, which makes adopting a coaching mindset more important now than ever before!

As an iPEC student, you have the distinct advantage of engaging in our immersive and interactive experience, which leverages a world-class curriculum built upon an intimate and engaging learning environment—regardless of which delivery format is right for you. 

We promise to meet you (no matter where you are in the world or how you choose to connect!) with our ICF-accredited curriculum, transformational tools and techniques, and an immersive experience—one filled with connection, engagement, and a bonded community rooted in common values. Learn more about our Professional Coach Training Program.

How the Virtual Experience Delivers High Impact

Every element of iPEC’s Coach Training Program has been designed from a foundation of high-level connection, engagement, energy, and efficacy. Modern delivery tools and innovative program design have translated this powerful approach into a one-of-a-kind virtual experience.


Our blended learning approach includes practice coaching with peers, coaching demonstrations with highly skilled and experienced trainers, group games and activities, and learning within breakout pairs and teams. In our virtual classroom, we provide space for impromptu “hallway connections” during breaks and lunch so you can get to know your classmates even better. The opportunities for connection are dynamic and plentiful.


We love to challenge preconceptions about what can happen in any type of learning environment! Whether you choose an in-person or virtual classroom for your module training, your learning experience will be fun and interactive, incorporating physical movement, kinesthetic and game-based learning, as well as active participation. You’re both invited and encouraged to be up and play full out.


From interacting with our world-class trainers, participating in coaching sessions with your peers, tapping into our myriad of resources, or working through self-study assignments, every aspect of your experience incorporates a transformational approach to understanding and exploring energy. It’s all about acquiring the mindset and methods to dig deep for underlying energy levels, break through limiting beliefs and fears, and help individuals create choice in how they think and feel.


iPEC’s entire program design is centered on a learning approach that involves layering, application, integration, feedback, and reflection. From a full span of curriculum modules, practice opportunities, specialty focuses and certifications to business development assistance, peer networking, and research-backed assessment tools, the efficacy of this program supports your coaching journey from program start to completion—and far beyond.


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The Investment in Transformational Training for  Coach Training

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Tuition for the Professional Coach Training Program is: USA $11,950 USD | Canada $14,900 CAD | London £9,250 +VAT | EU Countries €9,950 +VAT | Singapore $14,925 SGD

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