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In a sea of unfulfilling jobs and challenging corporate environments, being a coach is a pretty cool thing. People from all walks of life will come to you and ask, “How did you become a coach?”

They might be intrigued by coach training and they might ask about iPEC.

Our Ambassador Program (and the following resources) are meant to help you connect the dots from that person’s initial interest to their decision on whether or not to follow in your footsteps.

We’ll even give you a small thanks for sharing your wisdom, being the coach, and supporting their journey—wherever that may lead.

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Ambassador Program FAQs

Someone’s interested in coach training, now what?

Simply follow up with them. Answer their questions, share your experience, and “be the coach” as they explore the exciting new possibility of becoming a coach.

You might follow up to their initial questions with an email. Tailor this template to share how you came to iPEC, why you chose to become a coach, and what your journey’s been like so far. There’s an invitation at the bottom of the email to continue the conversation with you further.

Looking for more resources to use for sharing the magic of iPEC? Check out our new Ambassador Portal in the Hub for additional templates and assets! You can also submit your Ambassador Referral in the Portal in the Hub and track their journey.

No matter how you reach out, we invite you to support them in their decision-making process in the way that works best for both of you!

How do I connect someone to iPEC?

There are two main ways to connect someone with iPEC:

1. When someone’s ready to connect with iPEC to start a productive conversation about their interest in coach training, type YOUR information and THEIR information into the form at the bottom of this page.

Let your friend know that an Admissions Assistant will reach out to answer their questions and will schedule them to speak with an Admissions Coach if appropriate.

You’ll know they enrolled if you continue to stay in touch and “be the coach.” If you submit the referral in the Ambassador Portal in the Student hub, you can always track their status there.

2. If your curious friend is still dabbling with the idea of becoming a coach and isn’t ready to speak with iPEC admissions, offer to stay in touch with them and support their decision-making process.

Let them know they can always list your name on their iPEC application if they choose to pursue enrollment down the line

You’ll know they enrolled if you continue to stay in touch and “be the coach” and/or when your referral payment arrives.

Please note that at this point the referral will only be visible in the Hub if you make the submission through the portal.





How do I know if they enrolled?

The best way to know is to stay in touch with your friend, colleague, or acquaintance who’s interested in coach training. If you submit your referral in the  new Ambassador Portal in the Hub, you can track your referral status there!

Simply “be the coach” and ask questions like:

  • Would you like to receive some coaching in this area?
  • How can I support you in your decision-making process?
  • When would you like to touch base next?

Utilize your coaching skills and your first-hand experience in coach training to support your friend as they gain clarity in their best next steps.

Be aware that once someone is connected to admissions, iPEC can’t disclose their information or enrollment status (not even to you—sorry). We treat all our coaching conversations as confidential and aren’t legally permitted to share that information.

If you submit in the Student Hub, you can check the status of their enrollment by visiting the “status” section of the Ambassador Portal. If they enroll, you receive your Ambassador payment, about eight weeks after they complete their Module I training.

Note: If more than one person acts as an Ambassador for an iPEC student, that student gets to choose who will be their (one) Ambassador. In order to qualify for the Ambassador bonus, your name must be on your contact’s student record by the time they complete Mod I.

What’s the Ambassador payment?

As a thank you for your time spent coaching and supporting your friend in their decision-making process about becoming a coach, you’ll receive the following payments* based on where your friend attends their training.

Full Coach Training Program:

  • United States/Canada Locations = $595
  • United Kingdom Locations = £450
  • European Locations = €500
  • Singapore Location = S$ 750
  • United Arab Emirates =  AED 2,195

Life & Leadership Potentials Training (Mod I Only):

  • United States/Canada Locations = $200
  • United Kingdom Locations = £150
  • European Locations = €170
  • Singapore Location = S$ 280
  • United Arab Emirates= AED 700

You’ll receive your Ambassador payment notification approximately ten weeks after your interested friend completes their Module I training. Look out for an invite to join our payment system -- Tipalti-- where you can register to receive a secure payment. You’ll have the option of a check, PayPal, or direct deposit.

How can I stay informed on mod dates, new locations, and program updates?

You can always visit the schedule and locations page on our website to get details on upcoming module dates and new locations.

For questions about the Ambassador Program, you can contact our Ambassador Coordinator at

Visit for program updates or simply reach out to student support with specific questions. You can submit a ticket to the support team using the Chatbot in the Student Hub.

*Employee eligibility varies, please check with your team lead

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Use this form to connect your friend to our admissions team (who will reach out to them) or if they are not ready for you to share their information, use this email template (click here) to send them more information. You’ll automatically receive a referral payment if they enroll.

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