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Ambassador Program – Refer Someone to iPEC

How amazing would it be to share the iPEC experience!

What is the Ambassador Program?

Talk to any graduate of iPEC’s Coach Training Program and you will hear how the experience was transformative and life changing for them. If you’re a graduate yourself, YOU know this already.

The Ambassador Program is your opportunity to share this experience with people in your life (friends, family, colleagues) or people you meet day-to-day.

As an iPEC Ambassador, not only will you become an integral part of iPEC’s mission to change the world one person at a time but you also have an opportunity to earn income!

If the person you introduce to iPEC becomes a student, you can earn up to $595. Learn more by reading the Ambassador Program FAQ below.

Ambassador Program FAQs

How It works

When you are sharing your iPEC experience with others and they become interested in exploring the training further, simply ask permission to share their name, email, and phone number with iPEC, then complete the Ambassador Referral Form on this page.

If the person you are speaking with is not ready to share that information, direct them to the iPEC Coaching website ( to learn more. You can ask them to share your name as their Ambassador. All the forms on the iPEC website ask “Tell us who referred you”—if they add your name to this field, you will receive Ambassador credit.

If the person enrolls, you will receive a referral bonus as outlined below.

Full Coach Training Program:

  • Your first referral = $500
  • Additional referrals = $595

Life & Leadership Potentials Training (Mod I):

  • Your first referral = $105
  • Additional referrals = $200

You will receive your Ambassador payment via check approximately eight weeks after the referred student completes their Module I training.

Your Responsibilities as an Ambassador:

As an Ambassador, you are your referrals’ first experience with iPEC. In other words, you are their first coach!

So part of your responsibility as an Ambassador is to stay in touch with the person you are referring, to check in with them, and to use your coaching skills to help them break through the gremlins that might be holding them back from stepping into their greatness.  

You are also responsible to either:

  1. Complete the form on this page with the required information and explain to the person that a member of the Admissions Team will be reaching out to them (so they are expecting our call).
  2. Or explain that if they reach out to us they need to mention that you are their Ambassador.

What happens behind the scenes:

When you complete the Ambassador Referral Form on this page, your name is “linked” to that prospective student’s record. (If the prospective student shares your name as their Ambassador, the Admissions Team will manually “link” you to that prospective student’s record.)

Once we receive the prospective student’s information, an Admissions Assistant will reach out to the person you’ve referred to answer their questions and schedule them to speak with an Admissions Coach if appropriate. If the person enrolls, you will receive a referral bonus.

You will receive your Ambassador payment via check approximately eight weeks after the referred student completes their Module I training.

How do I know if the person enrolled into iPEC?

At iPEC, we protect the privacy of all team members, certified coaches, students and prospective students. Therefore, we cannot tell you whether or not the person you referred has enrolled. The conversations they have with us are considered coaching conversations and are therefore confidential. Additionally, for legal purposes, we also cannot disclose if someone is a student or give out any other personal information of anyone in contact with us.

The best way to know if a person has enrolled or not is by staying in touch with them.

As an Ambassador, you have the opportunity to enhance the experience of the person you are referring by staying in touch with them and answering questions. Remember how you felt when you were thinking about becoming a coach and the fears that were trying to hold you back? You can be their support as they make this life transformation.

Refer Someone to iPEC

To refer someone to iPEC, please complete the below form: