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Specialized, Online Certified Coaching Programs

Become a go-to coach by being known for your expertise in an area of specialization. Specializing increases your effectiveness and attracts people who want to work with you. Our curriculum includes a library of specialization resources listed below.


Life Coaching

Encourage others to discover and achieve their potential. You'll help clients identify their dreams, recognize what's standing in their way, and guide them in creating happier, more passion-filled lives.


Relationship Coaching

Help people build happier, healthier relationships (at home, in the workplace, or in any personal situation) by addressing patterns and blocks, improving communication, and strengthening conflict resolution skills.


Transition Coaching

Support your clients as they navigate personal or professional change. Whether it's the beginning of a new career or life after divorce, you'll help your clients gain clarity and make the most of their new start.


Group Coaching

Inspired to create your own group coaching program? Discover the 5 C’s of successful group coaching and develop specialized skills for facilitating an environment of communication, connection and mindfulness.


Couples Coaching

As a skilled coach with focused training on the nuances of couples, you can help partners find ways to overcome their challenges and heal their relationships - not just in the short term but for the rest of their lives.


Parents & Teens Coaching

Educate and empower teens (and their parents) to connect their inner passion and potential to outer goals and strategies in order to create extraordinary and sustainable results.


Health & Wellness Coaching

Improve the wellbeing of your clients by helping them thrive, not just survive. You'll guide and support clients as they develop healthier habits and lifestyles, whether they're adjusting after an illness or navigating particular health challenges.


Sports Performance Coaching

From overcoming performance anxiety to coping with injuries and understanding how to maximize practice efforts, learn how to support athletes and sports coaches in realizing their full potential and living more fulfilling lives.


Small Business & Professionals Coaching

Learn how to help entrepreneurs and business professionals stay focused on their goals so they can maximize their potential and create lasting success. Empower busy owners and employees to create balanced lives while improving the way they do business every day.


Leadership: Executive & Management Coaching

Develop the skills and confidence you need to coach accomplished executives as they strive to achieve excellence in every area of their lives. You’ll help clients realize tangible benefits, from increased business performance to a more fulfilling life.

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“My role and gift in life is not to teach, preach, or convince anyone of anything. I am here to empower others to get their own answers, access their true dreams, and overcome anything that gets in the way of making those dreams a reality.”



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