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How to Know Whether You’re Choosing the Best ICF Accredited Coach Training Program

Is iPEC the best ICF accredited coach training program?

Picture this: You’re feeling fulfilled in your work and making meaningful connections with people you actually like every day. You’ve got the freedom to choose your own schedule, the resources to design your own path, and the opportunity to earn an income that supports your ideal lifestyle. 

Maybe that sounds like a pipe dream. 

Or maybe it’s your future as a certified professional coach.If you’re elbow deep in research about which ICF accredited coach training program is the best one to help you achieve this future for yourself, you’ve probably got loads of questions on your mind. 

It’s true what they say: NOT all programs are created equal.

Even more important: NOT all programs can meet the unique needs of YOUR particular journey.

So, how do you honor your calling as a professional coach and find an ICF accredited coach training program that will help you excel both personally and professionally? We’ve got a few insights to share.

The best ICF accredited coach training programs go well beyond the courses themselves.

Don’t Lose Sight of the Forest for the Trees

Yes, you’ll no doubt be concerned about details like the institution’s accreditations, mentor availability, and modes of training delivery. These are critical to your decision-making process. 

However, you should also be expanding your perspective and getting a better look at the big picture.

You know you have a deep-rooted desire to help others, but maybe you haven’t taken time to think about considerations like a potential specialization, how you’ll eventually price your packages, what your unique marketing position will be, and how you’ll differentiate yourself from the competition. 

That’s not to say that you should have all these elements figured out, but rather that you should identify training opportunities specifically designed to support you in navigating these areas of your journey.

Building a Solid Foundation with an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program

Becoming a professional coach is about more than reading up on the literature or learning from a lecture. Your training program will serve as the foundation for your future, so you’ll want it to be strong and supportive. 

There are a myriad of reasons why clients will seek out someone like you to help them overcome their own obstacles. Are you choosing a foundation that focuses on methodologies and practices aimed at helping you serve those clients to the fullest?

Consider whether your choice of an ICF accredited coach training program is rooted in developing the mindset and skills to help your clients sustainably shift the self-limiting thoughts, emotions, and beliefs that are holding them back. In order to provide meaningful coaching, you must learn how to perceive the depth of each client’s situation, evaluate potential approaches, and support others in making the best use of their own strengths and individuality.

You already possess a specific set of innate talents and skills (just by being you!). 

Understand that the right professional coach training program has the power to further enhance and refine these capabilities. Your foundation should equip you with both the formalized skills and training you need to succeed, and the tools to support your clients in making positive, life-changing transformations.

Identify the Tools to Augment and Refine Your Craft

While gaining a strong foundation of coaching mastery will serve you and your clients well, you might also change and evolve through the coach training process, especially if you choose a program where you’re coaching your peers, being coached by them, and are truly immersed in the coaching process all along the way.

As you grow to become a coach, you might discover a hidden entrepreneur inside who wants to work from anywhere in the world. You could uncover that you’re highly passionate about self-growth and personal development. Maybe you’ll want to engage professionals all the way up the corporate ladder or create a coaching environment in an existing workplace. 

Regardless, everyone has their own version of success and fulfillment, and sometimes that clarity brilliantly unfolds over time.   

That’s why your ideal professional coach training program should provide you with lots of options, including niches to explore and types of career-building approaches you can draw upon in order to discover what appeals to your soul. 

Having the resources to navigate your own path as a professional coach is as important as having the knowledge of specific coaching techniques. When your active learning time with the school has finished, will you be left with a lot of knowledge but no know-how? Will you be able to draw on a wide selection of resources, templates, assessments, mentorship opportunities, and avenues for additional support? 

Consider the value of a program that provides you with not only the skill set you need to handle particularly challenging situations, but also a range of acquired tools to tackle unique, and nuanced scenarios as they arise along your own personal journey.

Explore the iPEC Difference

As you continue your research, one of the things you may notice about iPEC’s ICF accredited coach training program is that there’s no online purchase process. Wondering why? It’s simple, really: We want to get to know you better first so we can ensure that iPEC is a good fit and that you’re in the right place to take your career to the next level. 

In our coach training and certification program, you’re much more than a student. 

You’re an individual, whose background, trials, and experiences have shaped you and led you on this path. In fact, your experiences have prepared you perfectly for these next stages in your life and career—and the way you’ll transform others’ lives.

Even our application is designed as a coaching exercise, to finally help you cement your decision to move forward with confidence. When you’re ready, we invite you to take the next step and learn more about how fulfilling the world of professional coaching can be.

With iPEC, you’ll gain access to a broad range of coaching specializations to help brand yourself and grow your niche. In addition, you’ll benefit from the support of one of our coaching mentors, a proven professional to work with you one-on-one across several sessions to further refine your unique coaching skill set. 

Our curriculum and offerings are designed to prepare you fully for your future as a coach.

This is your opportunity to create a new, fulfilling path for yourself. You CAN build the foundational skills to see your coaching career thrive. You CAN discover the joy of being in perfect alignment with your innermost calling. You CAN be the director of your own future. 

You need only to make the decision to get started and to honor your vision with a training program suited specifically to attain it.

Download the guide and learn the 9 things to look for in any coach training program