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Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone and Into Your Ideal Life, with JJ Carolan

There are times in life when we experience that debilitating thought of, “I just don’t know…” 

Staying in that place of indecision costs you a life of fulfillment and freedom. What if you chose to say NO to comfort and YES to the unknown?

Listening to your gut wisdom is a practice learned through coaching. iPEC Certified Professional Coach, JJ Carolan, learned that by exploring the places where she felt most uncomfortable is where she grew. Being open to possibilities opened up, well, new possibilities!

In this episode of the Energy Explorer Live Series, hear from JJ and iPEC Director of Community, Jenny Wiley, as they explore the idea of leaning into the places that take us out of our comfort zones and into our ideal life.

You’ll also find a transcribed excerpt from their conversation below.

This interview is part of iPEC’s Energy Explorer Live Series, which highlights members of the iPEC Coach Community who are using their talents, drive, and highest selves in order to live their purpose.

Jenny Wiley: So, when we're coming from this place of feeling stuck or feeling like the options are limited, or we’re paralyzed by too many options—everything seems black and white—it sounds like the first step is to become more aware of that place for yourself and really meet yourself where you're at.

JJ Carolan: Yes, because that's what we do as coaches, right?

I think that was something really important that I learned—not judging the place that you're at, but instead creating the awareness around it.

Because when you do that, it sort of lifts all the doubt and grief and fear because you're just observing in a non-judgmental way. And from there, you can say, “But wait, but this thing over here does have exciting energy around it for me. Let me say yes to that and try to explore it a little bit more instead of [judging].” [When] you do that, you’ll learn the whole world isn’t going to rotate off and your children are going to be okay. 

That was something really important I learned [in coach training]—not judging the place you’re at, but instead creating awareness around it. When you do that, it lifts all the doubt and grief and fear.

You can think, “I'm here, I'm stuck. I'm paralyzed. But that's fine. Hmm, let me take a look around without all that stuff.” 

And in the coach training program, you learn how to shut all that stuff off with real, pragmatic tools. It's not just theory—there's really things that we’re given [in the program].

Try this tool, and you can run these thoughts through the tools that kind of lift them—and then once you're in that non-judgmental awareness, then you can be like, “wow, that feels like a yes that feels like a yes!”

And it doesn't have to be all or nothing. “Let me creep over here, and spend some time with this little toy. That sounds exciting to me.” It's not so [scary]. Just exploring!

Jenny Wiley: Right! It's almost as if being able to observe that you're in a space of black or white, yes or no, right or wrong . . . Just being able to observe that, and then see well, there's some gray area. And being able to explore that gray area is a way to move more from that discomfort into a place of exploration.

Being able to explore the gray area is a great way to move from discomfort into a place of exploration.

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