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Guest Bloggers  |  cancer survivorship  |  coaching  |  encouragement  |  finding purpose  |  new perspective

I Survived Breast Cancer...Now What?

I had it all…or so I thought. I was a Senior Executive at a major motion picture studio. I had the big house, the husband, the two kids, a company car, and perks galore. Yet, I was constantly miserable and sick.

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Guest Bloggers  |  achievement  |  coach training  |  coaching  |  education  |  engagement  |  leadership  |  student success

Releasing The Domino Effect: Student Achievement in Schools

We’re honored to have Lawrence Lussier, Superintendent of Education at the Pembina Trails School Division, as our guest blogger today. Lawrence is dedicated to 21st Century learning outcomes (inquiry-based, student-driven, meaningful, and personalized), providing a rich learning environment which leads to life-long engagement and success in today's world.     

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Life Coaching

LIFE COACHING: Everything You’ve Wanted to Know (But Were Afraid to Ask)

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Coaching and Coach Training  |  Guest Bloggers  |  become a coach  |  coaching skills  |  iPEC  |  iPEC Coaching

How Breakthrough Laser Coaching Changed the Way I do Business

By Guest Blogger CJ Scarlet

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Coaching and Coach Training  |  Guest Bloggers  |  adversity  |  attitude  |  become a coach  |  coaching skills  |  finding purpose  |  personal achievement  |  training

How Coaching Changed my Life

By Guest Blogger: Karen S. Richter

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