Help People Discover Their Passion and Purpose as a Certified Life Purpose Coach

Becoming a Certified Life Purpose Coach is often an evolutionary, rather than revolutionary, decision. Perhaps you’ve acquired rare insight into your own life or relationships and want to help others do the same; or maybe you’re just beginning on the path of self discovery and something about it just “feels right.” At iPEC you’ll find that our life coaching certification process is quite different than those at other more rigid, traditional coach training schools. We employ a unique holistic “inside out” approach with our breakthrough Core Energy Coaching™ process that allows you to go deep, so you can approach coaching as a way of being, not just a profession.

All iPEC Certified Life Purpose Coaches undergo a transformative training process using our proprietary Energetic Self Perception Chart. Your consciousness expands and you come to have an awareness of who you are as a person. You’ll learn about your assumptions, constraints, and how they can limit you from experiencing the fullest expression of yourself, and from reaching your fullest potential.

You can then authentically practice life purpose and relationship coaching— helping others to identify their dreams, recognizing what's blocking their fulfillment, and then making them a reality. Imagine the joy this type of discovery passage can bring for your clients and for yourself. With iPEC’s world-renowned life coaching certification prorgram you’ll find that transformation, business development, mentoring and authentic fulfillment all combine in a powerful, creative and life-altering way

Certified Professional Coaching

Life Purposes Coaching focuses on:

  • Couples (any two people with a similar goal) 
  • Individuals
  • Groups

“Life offers neither problems nor challenges,
only opportunities.”
- Bruce D Schneider, Founder, iPEC Coaching

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Student Testimonials

"…I thought I was already a coach, and after the training I realized I was just scratching the surface."

- Peggy Alvarado

Manager, Princeton Financial Systems, Inc.

"It’s the only choice for anyone who is truly interested in coaching as a profession."

- Carol Walker

MSW, Senior Social Worker, Monmouth Medical Center

About iPEC:

iPEC's all-inclusive, fully accredited program develops successful coaches through our proven coach training process. You'll be certified in the Core Energy Coaching™ process, which is based on the scientific application of energy, consciousness, and built upon the best of other paradigms, such as consulting, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), mentoring, quantum physics, metaphysics, adult and accelerated learning theories, emotional intelligence, and leadership development. This process will provide you the ability to relate to, and coach, anyone…at any time…on any topic…regardless of your specific knowledge or expertise (or lack thereof) on that particular topic or situation.

Over the course of 7 months, you will:

  • Complete over 320 hours of training.
  • Attend 3 in-person intensive weekends where you’ll quickly realize that you won’t be learning through a boring lecture or academic format. Instead, you’ll live it - and in the “process,” have the experience of a lifetime.
  • Be trained in iPEC’s proprietary assessment tool earning your designation as an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner or ELI-MP, in addition to your CPC (Certified Professional Coach CPC).
  • Experience the process of coaching from a client’s perspective, as each coach trainee is a client throughout the program so that you can genuinely walk-the talk.
  • Work through a business development program that is included in your tuition, to help you get your coaching practice soaring even before graduation!
  • Become a member of iPEC's Worldwide Coach Community and create connections and relationships that will last you a lifetime.

Fill out the form above to get all the program details and access to the free student guide and video series.