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There’s nothing like the power of honest, vulnerable storytelling to foster empathy, understanding, and inclusion.

iPEC’s new Experience Series is a celebration of diversity and belonging, where coaches from a variety of backgrounds will share their unique stories, how those experiences shaped who they are, and how their lives have changed as a result.

In honor of World Refugee Day in June, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Strategist and Lead Trainer Tonya Echols sits down with our first guest, iPEC Graduate Gemma Naturkach, for a deeply personal and open conversation about how Gemma's experience evacuating Ukraine with her family impacted her ‘Who’.

About Our Guest:

Gemma Naturkach graduated from iPEC in 2021. Her family evacuated Ukraine in February 2022 and are currently living in Wisconsin, USA. She plans to re-establish her coaching business after the release of her book, Surviving Patriotism, in early 2023. Currently, her priorities are fundraising for refugees and raising awareness about Russia's war in Ukraine.

To learn more, please visit her website

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