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How You Play During iPEC Training is How You Play the Game of Life: An iPEC Student's Experience

Aura is an iPEC student attending our virtual coach training program. Read on to hear about her experience attending the first days of the program: Life and Leadership Potentials Training. She will be sharing her experiences during different points throughout the program as she progresses through it—stay tuned!


I could choose to play full out, or not. I knew the energy I came to the training with would be what I would get back from it. I could have stayed in my comfort zone, which would have been more comfortable, but I wouldn’t have received as much value as I did from the training had I went the comfortable route. 

How you do one thing is how you do everything, or, in the words of iPEC Founder Bruce D Schneider, how you play during iPEC training, is how you play the game of life.

And I decided to play full out. 

I had gotten tired of playing too careful in my life. I wanted to give it my all this time. I knew I could continue to grow. 

Who’s in the driver’s seat of your life? 

Acceptance is awareness. And self-awareness is key to higher consciousness. The higher your level of consciousness, the more satisfying your life. You get to change your life through raising your level of consciousness. And the beautiful thing is, you are in the driver’s seat of your life; raising your own energy starts with you. When you raise your consciousness and energy, that will automatically affect your environment. And your energy is contagious, so be wary of what you radiate and ask yourself, what does the world get energetically when they get your energy? 

I’ve heard people say “I feel [any emotion] because of you!” I used to believe for a long time that I made someone feel a certain way, be that anger or happiness. However, the question posed to all of us during the iPEC Life & Leadership Potentials Training was, “What makes you think you have the power to make people feel some way?” 

I let that sink in. 

Think of the kind of world we could create if all of us took responsibility for our emotional state. A journey of unlearning and creating your life 

At iPEC, you learn that you have been playing a game all your life—a game of who you are—which in itself limits you. Who you are leads to what you are and what you are leads to how you do it. 

Oftentimes I thought life was about finding yourself. However, what if life was about creating yourself? What if you have power over who you are? 


The “who” that we so often think makes “us,” is filtered by other people’s opinions and expectations of us, cultural conditioning, and the meaning we gave to the who we think we should be, especially as children. 

And indeed, in the words of Bruce D Schneider: 

“Each moment describes who you are, and gives you the opportunity to decide if that is who you want to be.” 

When I heard that, I thought, “This is gold.” 

Having the power to decide who you want to be, each moment, can feel overwhelming. One might even experience feeling stuck with such an immense amount of inner power. When realizing that feeling stuck is about sticking with the who we think we are, I could start letting go of the sides of my who that no longer served me. 

Visioning makes it all possible! I have been on a journey of visioning for some years now. It’s magic. See, our body does not know the difference. And yes, your body responds to what your mind creates. 

“We do not see the world as it is, we see it as we are.”

-Anais Nin 

Could you observe yourself while still living your life fully and playing full out? I think we can. When you become aware of the lenses you look through the world and the people in it, you find it easier to see the best in people. And the beauty and the power that lies within them. 

When you do that, people start seeing it in themselves as well. 

Lead with your example.