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A Surprising Benefit of Coach Training, That Impacts Every Area of Your Life

One of the biggest things you’ll start to understand in coach training is that, when you understand your WHY behind anything you do, you become better equipped to make empowered decisions.

At iPEC, we call that consciousness. 

Consciousness, or a coaching mindset, is the practice of being aware of our thoughts, words, and actions. By learning to recognize, in the moment, how we are consciously responding to a trigger, as opposed to automatically reacting, we’re better able to create a life of our choosing. 

You might expect coach training to affect your life in big, obvious ways such as: 

  • starting a coaching business
  • leading your team better at work
  • being a better candidate for that next job 

But really, coach training doesn’t just deliver big, obvious outcomes. Where it begins to take hold and ultimately make lasting change is within a student’s mindset

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For example, imagine you want to buy a house. You don’t know where to begin and a lot of emotions might come up: 

You’re angry housing prices are so high. 
You want to get what you deserve. 
You want to make the right choice for your family. 
You don’t know where to begin, so you don’t. 

All these thoughts and emotions are completely normal, and understandable! But when you experience them through a coaching mindset, you see the solutions, not the problems. You're able to bypass dwelling on "Why is this happening to me?" and go straight to "How can I create a solution?"

For example, instead of, “I could never afford that house,” you start to think, “How could I afford that house, or find a better option?” 

Coach Training Helps You See Life Through a Lens of Opportunity

Because when you see things from a curious, coaching mindset, options are endless. Instead of only seeing ‘good’ and ‘bad’ options, or options that work and options that don’t, they all just become opportunities

And the impact of that shift is staggering. 

Learning and embracing the power of choice creates a sense of agency and ownership in your life. Yes, you have struggled. Yes, you’ve been through hard times. Yes, someone has tried to belittle, manage, or control you. 

And you’re still here. You’ve chosen to keep going and build a better life for yourself. 

The specifics vary for each of us throughout our lives. Maybe you want to improve your health, strengthen your relationship with your spouse, or advance in your career. 

Whatever the example is, when we choose to come from a place of curiosity, openness, and awareness (i.e. a coaching mindset) we are allowing ourselves to see the opportunities. 

“Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.”
—William Jennings Bryan

Imagine what opportunities would be available to you, if you chose to see them as possibilities. 

Picture the best version of yourself—the one who lives the life of your dreams and makes empowered decisions. What is standing in the way of you becoming that person? 

When you navigate your life and make choices based on growth and expansion, you open yourself up to a whole new world of possibilities. 

This is how coaching works.

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