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No, Your Life Doesn
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No, Your Life Doesn't Need to Be Perfect in Order to Become a Life Coach

“I have so many issues of my own… if I can’t figure out how to take care of my own messes, how could I possibly coach someone else on how to clean up theirs?!”

Imposter syndrome: the nasty little voice in your ear that keeps you from taking risks, speaking out confidently, and otherwise feeling like you’re competent at what you do.

When suffering from this insidious malady, you’re probably looking over your shoulder, sure that at any moment someone will get wise to your game and denounce you for the pretender you are.

We’re no strangers to experiencing imposter syndrome here at iPEC. In fact, I’d venture a guess that each and every one of our instructors and students has experienced it at some point. And it’s also one of the biggest objections I hear when potential students are considering the iPEC program.

Here’s the thing—it doesn’t matter if you’re 24 or 94—you’ll probably still think you haven’t got it “together.”

Guess what? No one truly has the carefully curated Instagram life you see posted online.

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You don’t have to begin coaching school with your career (and life) path already mapped out.

If you’re motivated to inspire positive change in yourself and others, if you’re looking to GIVE and to GROW, then this is for you, regardless of your age, of which stage of your life you’re in, or of the experiences you have or haven’t had.

Not having everything “together” is actually an enormous asset to you and your skills in relating to your clients.

With a not-so-perfect life under your belt, you have a greater capacity to understand and relate to others’ struggles. And the ability to show up with compassion and sympathy for another person is the underlying foundation of what makes a successful coach.

Additionally, when YOU experience the power of coaching for yourself through the iPEC curriculum, you’re better able to help those whom you coach experience it as well.

Your willingness to share your own transformative experience can lead to deeper, richer relationships between you and your clients (or coworkers and managers). Not only will you be able to help them with your training and coaching methodology, but you’ll provide them with living proof that coaching can and does make a difference.

The iPEC Coach Training Program is designed to provide exactly this type of transformational experience. We believe it’s not enough to just read theories out of a book or watch a video on “best practice.”

Instead, we begin with an experiential training where you get up and out of your seat… you’re coaching others, being coached, and participating in a variety of skill-building exercises. There’s book learning too, of course, but the most important part of our program happens with live, person-to-person interaction.

When you attend the iPEC training program, you learn the skills to become a masterful coach. You’ll learn to identify the hidden blocks, habits, and patterns that cause people to fall short of their goals or desires. You learn how to shift others’ attitude — their energy — to create permanent and profound shifts in the way they approach their world.

And through the process, you’ll also be coached in the same way, personally.

You’ll receive the same transformational, life-changing, core energy coaching from your peers, the trainers, and your success coach. You’ll gain insights and inspiration from the webinars and trainings, the other graduates in the community, and from the many experiences you’ll have along the way.

Let me share my story:

Five years ago, Hurricane Sandy threw my entire life into chaos. I lost my home and my job. I was unemployed (for an entire year!) because of Mother Nature. I was at one of the most tumultuous points ever in my life, a time where investing in a coach training program was a difficult decision to make.

Going into that first training weekend, I didn’t know what to expect.

We were working through an exercise during the very first module when I suddenly had an epiphany… a single moment that shifted my entire life.

“This isn't who I am.” I realized.

And all of the puzzle pieces began to fall into place.

I had been living someone else’s life for so long… I was being the person who I thought I should be rather than the one I truly am.

I realized I was in the wrong job and the wrong relationship. That I had let those things happen instead of creating them for myself.

Once I came to the realization, I was able to slowly build my courage and confidence and trust with myself to make changes in my life.

Over time, my new reality got fleshed out and given texture and color.

I chose to make those changes in my life, and through my whole experience in coach training, my life now feels so much more stable and directed.

This is why so many people have immense gratitude for iPEC and say that attending our coach training program has truly changed their life. Because when you graduate, you’ll not only become a masterful coach, but you’ll stroll through life as a new, brighter version of yourself, and you’ll have the skills to manage life’s chaos like a pro.

Interested in seeing the many ways in which coach training can be applied — both to new and pre-existing careers? Click here to set up a time to chat and ask for me, Theresa. I’d love to talk with you about the many possibilities available with iPEC coach certification.

About Theresa Horezga, CPC

Theresa Horezga is the iPEC Certified Professional Coach that helps burned out leaders find their passion, discover what’s most important, and take action steps to create the life they (truly) want to live.

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