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3 Types of Coaching Certifications (Definitions & Differences)

Coaching has become a fast-growing field over the past decade—and for good reason. Millions of people around the world are discovering just how transformative coaching can be—not just for their clients but also for themselves.

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Training Programs

Are Life Coaching Seminars Worth Your Time?

The business of life coaching is booming. New techniques, methods, and strategies for helping clients achieve their goals are being developed on a regular basis. Most life coaches understand the value of education to help them stay on top of their game. According to the 2016 ICF Global Coaching Study, 89% of coaches worldwide have receiving training from an accredited or approved program. But, how can you keep up with emerging trends when your training is complete?

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Life Coaching

LIFE COACHING: Everything You’ve Wanted to Know (But Were Afraid to Ask)

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Brinkmanship – A Lesson for All

You’ve seen this term tossed around, extensively, thanks to the Debt-Ceiling debate.

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