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The Tools You Need to Start Your Coaching Practice in a (Seemingly) Saturated Market

If you hang out in online spaces often, it may seem like everyone has hung their “coaching” shingle for all to see.

When you see so many advertisements for coaches, it can be really intimidating as a potential student. You may be asking yourself things like “is the coaching market oversaturated?” or “do I even stand a chance as a coach?” Yes, there are a plethora of coaches out there for everything from mindset to relationships, and it’s true that pretty much anyone can say they’re a coach.

But it’s also true that coaching is a growing industry with opportunity everywhere.

Every coach has a unique style that attracts a different audience, and those who invest in the right training and use sound business strategies can have unlimited success.

Setting yourself apart from the competition is key to helping you rise to the top, and completing a coach training program is an excellent way to do that. At iPEC, we’ve deliberately designed our certification program to help you stand out from the crowd. Not only do we train you in unique coaching techniques that are unlike other programs, we also include an important business development component to quickly establish yourself as a knowledgeable expert in a specific field.

Training in Core Energy Coaching and Energy Leadership

iPEC stands out among coach training programs because of our Core Energy Coaching and Energy Leadership™ curriculums. Our graduates are given a firm grounding in traditional coaching skills but are also taught techniques to go deeper, offering a truly transformative and life changing experience for their clients.  

Traditional coaching programs tend to focus on changing a person’s actions and creating new strategies that, in theory, will help the client achieve the goals they’re striving for. In the short term, this can be very effective. But because this style of coaching remains relatively superficial—focusing on action plans and accountability—the changes don’t tend to last.

During iPEC’s comprehensive coach training program, you’ll build upon the traditional coaching skills with our Core Energy Coaching process. Our students are trained to dig deep for the underlying causes behind a client’s actions (or inactions), gently guiding clients to approach change from the inside out.

This style of coaching addresses the root cause of a client’s problem, inviting them to discover their roadblocks and empowering them to create the powerful and sustainable results they desire. Core Energy Coaching is about giving individuals the opportunity to consciously choose their actions and create the things they most want to experience in life… and it’s only available at iPEC.

Business Development Program

Learning how to coach someone is one skill but learning how to run and grow your business is quite another. Part of our training includes learning the principles of modern business, including how to position yourself within your market and get your name out there.

Through iPEC, you have access to multiple business resources that help take the guesswork out of entrepreneurship. Not having to seek out and sort through answers to your questions gives you more energy to concentrate on helping your clients and the coaching process. And as a result, you can emerge as an extraordinary coach and resource for those looking to transform their lives.

Becoming an Accredited Certified Professional Coach

In this age where “anyone” can call themselves a coach, credentials have become more and more crucial to setting yourself apart from the crowd. Credentials give you standing and authority within the coaching community and also lets clients know that you adhere to a code of ethics and have the skills and experience to guide them to their goals.

iPEC has been an ICF-Accredited Coach Training Program since 2002. That means that upon successful completion of our program, you’ll become a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), recognized by the ICF. We are also approved as a Board Certified Coach (BCC) program through the Center for Credentialing and Education—another independent body that sets standards for coach competencies. It is rare to find a program approved by both bodies and we are proud that our training program qualifies for both accreditations.

While the coaching industry is fairly new in the grand scheme of established careers, certification is bound to become the standard as it continues to grow. Through the iPEC coach training program, you will build a solid coaching foundation with proven tools and techniques, so you can handle any situation and more effectively empower your clients and coworkers to move forward.

Quickly Establishing a Solid Reputation

With iPEC you’ll receive training and certification in our research-backed assessment tool, the Energy Leadership™ Index assessment or ELI, for short. The ELI assessment is a powerful business and credibility-building tool that measures how an individual perceives and approaches work and life. It provides your clients with a TANGIBLE metric that explains how they are currently showing up in their day-to-day life, giving them a way to measure progress.

With access to tools like the ELI assessment (exclusively available to iPEC graduates), you’ll quickly establish yourself as a professional who helps their clients see results.

So, is coaching really becoming a crowded career path? Perhaps, but by setting yourself apart with these tools, you’ll be able to find success in any field. Learn more about the iPEC Coach Training Program from our free “Which Coach Training School is Right for You” guide.

Download the guide and learn the 9 things to look for in any coach training program