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How Energy Leadership™ Can Transform Your Workplace Culture

What is Energy Leadership™ and how can it help you create success within your organization?

Okay yes, we admit it—it’s possible that the term “energy leadership” might seem a little “woo woo” to the more practical-minded among you.

But Energy Leadership™ actually refers to the very concrete, research-based, time-tested program we offer at iPEC for professionals who are interested in radically changing their thinking and approach to solving problems.

iPEC’s Energy Leadership™ training enables employees at all levels to identify personal emotions or triggers that may interfere with a clear, neutral understanding of a situation. As a result, they become better equipped to deliver an effective, compassionate response.

The benefit of implementing coaching techniques in your workplace or business might not be immediately evident—especially when most of us are indoctrinated with more traditional expectations of corporate culture. But the truth is that more and more companies are recognizing the benefits of using coaching and Energy Leadership™ techniques.

After implementation, these companies see:

  • Improvement in workplace atmospheres
  • More satisfied (and harder-working) employees
  • Better business reputations
  • A solid bottom line
Coaching Improves Job Performance

Unsurprisingly, employees who feel supported and heard by company leadership also tend to feel more secure in their positions, perform better in their work, and are more likely to seek out assistance or guidance when they need it.

Coaching also improves employee retention rates. Instead of feeling like the “best” opportunities require leaving their present position, coaching enables individuals to work with the company to tailor their job duties or transition to roles that are a better fit for their goals and skills.

Coaching Enhances Business Management

Business leaders who apply coaching techniques to communicate and problem-solve find that workplace environments become more harmonious and innovative as a result.

Rather than applying “by the book” solutions to every problem, Energy Leadership™ puts the spotlight on “what went right?” and “how can we adjust?”—empowering individuals to act on their own and say goodbye to the mechanical “problem/apply fix” mindset.

When used consistently, these techniques inspire trust in management, enabling employees to call attention to problems without fear of repercussions.

Coaching Leads to Better Time and Energy Management

Does this sound familiar?

“Where has all my time gone?! I didn’t get half the things done that I wanted to do… and what I did finish wasn’t all that important!”

With coaching and Energy Leadership™, individuals can look more discerningly at where and how they’re investing their effort, and identify priorities with an eye on the end game. From a work standpoint, this practice boosts productivity and morale. There’s a number of benefits on an individual level too, but we’ll talk about that in just a minute.

Coaching Creates More Effective Teamwork

Wouldn’t it be nice if all teams and departments worked together seamlessly and finished their projects on time? It’s not just a pipe dream… it can become reality. Communication, problem-solving, and innovation all become easier when team members are communicating in an open, effective fashion

The benefits of Energy Leadership™ go beyond the workplace, too — enhancing things like:

Traditional coaching focuses on solving immediate problems, but usually doesn’t impart the skills and mindset needed to sustain lasting change. iPEC’s coaching techniques go beyond achieving short-term goals to help individuals shift their habits, behaviors, and thoughts at a deeper level—changes that don’t just affect their workplace performance but also help them become more well-rounded, confident human beings.

Communication Skills

When individuals can view interactions objectively (and not through the filters of personal values, religion, past experiences, and world views), communication can become an effective exchange of ideas instead of a series of potential misunderstandings. Workplace interactions become easier and collaboration can become fun again!


Just like communication, intra-office (and personal) relationships become easier to maintain with the skills to tease out what filters your reactions are based on, where misunderstandings have taken root, and how to respond appropriately.

Work/Life Balance

Remember that old saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy?” This phrase has been around since the early 17th Century… proving that finding a balance between relaxation and obligation has always been on the collective consciousness!

Earlier, we mentioned carefully scrutinizing where your energy and focus is going, meaning we look at how work time is spent as well as where work and “life” are living a little too close for comfort. Using Energy Leadership™ techniques to balance home and work time results in a richer, more rewarding experience on both sides of the daily commute.

The evidence is clear time and time again, iPEC graduates are using these coaching skills in the workplace and have reported back on how transformative the training and skills have been in their office.

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