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What Does it Mean to "Be My Own First Client?"

Just the thought of becoming a coach and having your calendar filled with clients you get to serve and share your magic with fills your heart with indescribable joy. 

But then…

Your rational mind crashes the party.

And suddenly that same thought is about as butterfly-inducing as realizing you left your notes on the kitchen table (alongside your half-eaten oatmeal) two minutes before having to give a big speech. 

You feel nervous, inadequate, and so not ready. *Cue the self-defeating stream of thoughts*

  • “Who am I kidding? I’m not ready to be a coach.”
  • “I need to overcome [insert personal issue/struggle here] before I’m ready to coach someone else on this.”
  • “I want to help people but I feel like I don’t know enough to actually get them results—I’m still dealing with this, myself!”
It’s all too common to see folks latch onto the idea that they’re not ready to be a coach and help others because… well… it keeps them safe. 

It absolves them from taking action and, as a result, they miss out on the fulfillment, abundance, and all the glorious boons that come from living in alignment with their soul’s work.  

Don’t let that be you.

You, by no means, need to have all your "ducks in a row" to be a powerful coach. 

In fact, iPEC’s training will help you dig deep and uncover the reason you feel the need to have your ducks in a row in the first place!

What does it mean to be "my own first client?"We call it the “be your own first client” approach—and it’s the magic behind our coach training program.

When you enroll in iPEC’s coach training program, you’ll be in the seat of your future clients and experience, firsthand, the life-changing shifts you’ll be equipped to help them achieve.

All of those self-doubting thoughts? Bring em’ so you can be your own first client and break through them! They don’t mean you’re not ready to be a coach, they mean you’re ready to be coached. 

This fear-busting approach gives you the opportunity to work through your beliefs and fears, carving a clear path for you to confidently rock out sessions with clients like nobody’s business.

87% of iPEC students graduate with a paying client (even before receiving certification!).

Your ability to coach deeply and powerfully and to help your future clients create the transformation they’re looking for begins with you.

You have everything you need at this very moment to start coach training—no matter what formation your ducks are in.

What would be possible for you if you believed you could coach while you’re still learning? 

Help others while still finding your way?

We have professional certified coaches to help you explore a fulfilling career as an elite, confident coach.   

Claim your free session! Our expert Admissions team is here to guide you through to becoming a successful coach. Click to get started