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"Would I make a good coach?" and Other Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself

What inspired you to explore becoming a coach? What was it that prompted you to reach out to iPEC? What questions do you have about coaching and about our program?

Perhaps you would be interested in hearing from someone who had the same questions as you? Tina Quinn has been right where you are, searching for a way to use her natural gifts and also make a living. She wanted to find the path that was right for her, and her search led her to iPEC.



Which of these questions do you also ponder?

“Would I make a good coach? My friends say I am a natural, but I’m not sure.”

(Hear Tina’s answer in the first 2 minutes!)

“What is iPEC’s training all about? How long does it take?”

(Tina addresses this at 2:12 in the video)

“Why iPEC? What makes their training different from other schools?”

(Listen to how Tina’s life was deeply transformed in her experience with iPEC at 3:26)

“How do I discover my area of specialty?”

(Tina shares her surprising discovery at 5:52)

“What if I am not sure about the full training? What will I get from just going to LPT (part 1 of the full training)?”

(Scroll over to 7:37 to find out about this option! Yes, you can attend JUST the first weekend!)

“What is the ELI assessment? How does this tool help people?”

(Tina discusses this unique tool at 9:49)

“What kind of impact can coaching have on my clients?”

(Tina shares the success of one of her clients at 11:03)

“How much support will I get from iPEC once my training is over?”

(Tune in to hear the answer at 13:46)

Perhaps you are like Tina and truly yearn to find your unique path - the one you are supposed to be walking.

More than likely, you are curious about coaching because you have a deep desire to help transform people’s lives. You probably know intuitively that finding the right training program is crucial to your development as a successful coach.

We agree! Hopefully, Tina’s story has helped to answer some of your questions. If you would like to know more, please call us at (866) 690-0386 or email admissions@ipeccoaching.com to schedule some time to speak with an Admissions Coach.

What’s holding you back from starting now?