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iPEC's Life Coaching Certification Training Program

A life coach certification will give you mastery in the professional skill set of coaching and allow you to brand yourself as a Certified Life Coach.

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How To Become A Certified Life Coach

Transform Your Life by Transforming the Lives of Others

At its very best, life coaching is about helping people make profound and lasting shifts in their lives. If you have an innate ability to connect with people and are passionate about helping others, life coaching certification may be for you.

Life coaches help a client make plans, follow through on tasks, and respond to challenges. In this sense, life coaching can be likened to personal training—but instead of focusing on the body, you’ll work on improving your clients’ lives or businesses. Rather than providing a workout routine, you’ll guide them with accountability and encouragement.

Those who complete an accredited coach training program and fulfill their life coach certification requirements are designated “certified life coaches.” By earning your CPC (Certified Professional Coach), your ELI-MP (Energy Leadership™ Index Master Practitioner), and your COR.E Dynamics™ Specialist Certification through iPEC’s comprehensive Coach Training Program, you’ll become a masterful coach, trained to coach anyone, on anything, at any time. In this career path, you have the potential to experience a deep sense of satisfaction by making a positive difference in people’s lives. Many certified life coaches see it as the ultimate win-win profession, as it allows them to do what they love AND make a great living.

Wondering if life coach certification is for you?

Check out our How to Become a Life Coach guide for a more in-depth look at Life Coaching as a career. And don’t forget, with iPEC you have the option to earn your life coach certification online or in person.


Build a career doing what you love! Download the guide to find out if a career as a life coach is right for you.


More than just a Life Coach Certification

Core Energy Coaching™, a life coach certification process unique to iPEC, is specifically designed to address the limitations of a more traditional coaching approach—by going far beyond just accountability or encouragement.

As a Core Energy™ coach, you’ll have the skills and the know-how to:

  • Help your clients explore new goals
  • Broaden their sense of what’s possible in their lives
  • Empower them to reach their full potential using research-backed techniques and tools

As a coach, you’ll challenge your clients to think bigger and start questioning the “stories” they’ve told themselves and have begun to accept. With proper training, you can become skilled at presenting this kind of challenge constructively and with finesse.

In addition to earning your life coach certification, you’ll have access to iPEC’s library of resources to refine your expertise in the area of life coaching. The specialty library is included in your tuition and comes fully stocked with specialized tools, wisdom, and techniques to support your clients as they tap into their potential. You’ll gain wisdom from experienced coaches in this area and become thoroughly equipped to brand yourself as a life coach.

What You’ll Achieve With iPEC’s Life Coach Certification

Gain clarity and focus about their lives

Define goals and develop a plan for making them a reality

Expand their creativity

Discover solutions to life’s challenges

See opportunities, instead of problems

Lead happier, more successful lives

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As an iPEC Certified Professional Coach, you’ll also have access to specialized training in nine other niche areas, making it easy to thrive and grow in this area of specialization and easily evolve into others as you choose.


Step 1: Core Energy Coaching™

Begin your life coaching certification journey by challenging perspectives, shifting energy, and building transformational coaching skills that help you uncover your core belief systems and those of your clients.


Step 2: Energy Leadership™

Learn foundational coaching theory and application for guiding clients into clear next steps, helping them form well-thought plans and holding them accountable to the progress they seek.


Step 3: COR.E Dynamics

Position yourself at the highest level in the industry with a certification in one of four niche tracks: Our proprietary methods help you master world-class coaching skills, allowing you to raise individual energy levels and maximize performance.

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"The journey was unbelievable. What I learned at iPEC gave me permission to live the life that I want to live. Now, my job is to give these gifts to other people and I love doing it. I see my clients transform as they relax and start to follow their own intuition."

- Claire Kluever, iPEC's Certified Corporate Coach

Claire Kluever

You know you want to be a coach.

Now discover the 9 Key Considerations for choosing the coach training program that fits you best.

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Supporting Your Success

Included in the cost of your tuition, iPEC's business-building resources will provide you with a complete roadmap for developing your new coaching practice. Based on 25 years of entrepreneurial, marketing, and sales experience, it will equip you with all of the tools you need to build a successful business.

Success Coach

This program gives you the clarity and confidence to move forward once your coach training is complete. It prepares you for coaching success — however you define it — through the application of iPEC’s own coaching tools and principles. You’ll benefit from three 30-minute, one-on-one sessions with a dedicated Success Coach, as well as a private forum where you can connect with other students and share your experiences.

Quick Start

To assist with launching your coaching business and getting your first clients, you have the opportunity to participate in the Quick Start program. From choosing a niche, creating your own packages, and setting your prices to developing your marketing message, networking approach, and website, you’ll learn how to leverage your style and inspire people to take action.

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Turn Knowledge Into Power

Utilize constructive resources to inform and inspire every step of the journey toward your future as a coach.


Coach Training Isn’t Just for ‘Coaches’

The vast majority of professionals who use coaching techniques and skills don’t have “coach” in their professional titles and don’t aspire to.

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Life Coaching: Everything You’ve Wanted to Know (But Were Afraid to Ask)

What is coaching? How do you become a life coach? And, how can it help you start a business or get a promotion? 

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