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Who will YOU inspire?

Alongside all your current responsibilities, the complexities of your life, and the demands on your attention, there’s an inspiring story about you—waiting to be written.

You likely already know what it is . . .
Know what it might be . . .
Or have a sense that it’s there . . .

Waiting for you to make those key decisions and take those next, important steps.

Maybe you start your own coaching practice which moves clients to tears—because they’re so grateful you followed your calling to help them change their lives.

Or you connect with one coworker, in a way that initiates a ripple effect of real, positive change across your organization, which creates a happier, healthier workplace for you and everyone around you.

Perhaps you gain new tools to reconnect with your child, your parent, or your spouse, creating new, priceless, meaningful experiences for years to come.

The unique combination of personal transformation and masterful coach training at iPEC can get you there. 


Will you say yes? Yes, to the future you?

When you enroll early for Autumn classes, you’ll get to connect to a generous, supportive, energetic community of coaches. Bask in their energy. Enjoy being with YOUR people. (Right away.)

You’ll tangibly connect to your higher purpose, knowing you’ve committed to walking the path to your future self.

You’ll get to excitedly dive right into the coursework, which can breathe new life into your current day-to-day and set you up with a powerful foundation of knowledge and greater understanding going into your first live training module.

And as a bonus, the earlier you enroll for Autumn classes, the larger tuition reductions you’ll be eligible for. 

Your future self is waiting.

Speak with Admissions to make a solid plan forward.