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Detached Involvement

When you practice detached involvement, you're both a participant and an observer of your life at the same time. You see all experiences as part of life’s journey without judging them as being good or bad. You simply experience them and are in control of your responses to them. You’re fully involved, but detached from the allure of outcomes.

So, how do you learn to practice detached involvement?
- Take nothing personally
- Make no assumptions
- Make as few judgments as possible
- Let go of the need to be right
- Let go of the need to control
- Be passionate about all of life’s experiences, even the painful ones
- Give all you have, your true gifts, to whatever you're doing
- Detach from future potential results

By living fully involved and yet detached, you can more quickly focus in the moment and will more quickly manifest true power using your potential.

—Bruce D Schneider, MCC, PhD
Founder, Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)

(Today's blog is excerpted from iPEC's self-mastery personal development program, The Law of Being.)

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