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How to Use Quantum Thinking to Unlock Your Mind and Unleash Your Business

As humans, we often think and operate in binary terms—good or bad, happy or sad, too much or not enough. We exist in black and white, allowing little room for gray areas.

But what if instead of operating in black and white, we could instead exist in the gray area where rather than choosing sides, we consider all possibilities at once?

Holding multiple opposing thoughts at the same time and considering all possibilities rather than just the obvious ones requires a different type of thinking. Moving away from your default way of thinking allows you to expand your mind and hold opposing ideas, accepting that the truth doesn't always have to make sense.

This is a concept known as quantum thinking, and it can be an incredibly supportive addition to your life–an addition that adds fulfillment and dimension to both your personal and professional spheres! And with practice, the ability to quantum think is accessible to all who choose to adopt it. 🙌

What is quantum thinking?

Quantum thinking is the idea that one can hold multiple opposing thoughts at once and put the appropriate thought into action at the optimal time. When practiced effectively, quantum thinking techniques can be the solution to breaking out of your preconceived notions and challenging your mindset to incorporate other perspectives.

As you may have guessed, quantum thinking is related to the concept of quantum mechanics. If you're unfamiliar, this is essentially the idea that even though our lives can feel predictable at times, when we zoom in to the quantum level, nothing can be assumed or predicted because things change instantaneously. Quantum thinking applies that same concept to everyday life, challenging us to consider all possible outcomes of a situation rather than defaulting to our usual—and frequently limiting—way of perceiving the world.

This quantum thinking definition can seem complex at first, but if you think of it in the simplest of terms, quantum thinking is the mind's ability to view a problem from all sides and see the possibility from other perspectives—even when those perspectives seem to contradict one another. When we think in this way, we open ourselves up to new possibilities that allow us to evaluate the world around us more fully.

How can quantum thinking help you overcome uncertainty?

Uncertainty is a natural part of life and is at the very core of quantum mechanics. So why is it so difficult for humans to accept that we don't know all the answers?

When dealing with a situation where we feel indecisive or uncertain, quantum thinking can be extremely beneficial. The premise of quantum thinking calls for living in the center of a question or issue rather than gravitating toward any particular viewpoint which prevents us from taking on polarizing—and limiting!—opinions.

Through quantum thinking, we can evaluate all sides of a situation and see the truth from multiple sides simultaneously. This can help us form opinions and rationale without taking a defined stance on something. And in a society that’s filled with polarizing beliefs and labels, finding ways to exist in the middle ground and see all sides of an argument can be a valuable strength for overcoming the stress of uncertainty.

Using quantum thinking techniques can help ease uncertain minds by accepting that it’s okay to not have the answer and to see the truth in multiple answers at once. This affirms the idea that it’s perfectly acceptable to not have the answer and that thoroughly considering all possibilities is often more important than actually knowing the answer.

And also . . . what if there really are no right or wrong answers? 🤯

How can quantum thinking help you embrace change?

At iPEC, one of our Foundation Principles is the idea that "change is the only constant." Change is a challenge humans inevitably struggle with. Feeling discomfort or unease when faced with change is normal, but quantum thought can help you see the positive (and even exciting!) outcomes amidst all the scary or intimidating ones.

During stressful times or periods of change, we often listen to the chatter in our mind that fills us with doubt and leads us to approach a situation with fear. Quantum thinking, on the other hand, challenges us to instead consider all possibilities and redirect our thoughts to better equip us to handle the situation.

You are the creator of your own destiny and your choices influence not only your life but also the lives of those around you. When you acknowledge that concept and pair it with quantum thinking techniques, you can elevate your mindset and approach change with an open and empowered mind; this is the power of conscious choice.

If you’re going through a major life change, try zooming out and considering all possible outcomes, not just the first one or two that automatically come to mind.

How can quantum thinking help you discover your true purpose?

When you develop the skills to hold more than one opposing opinion at a time, you can better see a situation from other points of view, evaluate it with more empathy, and generate solutions with creativity and grace. You can also empower yourself to choose the paths you're passionate about and that will help you grow.

Quantum thinking gives you more possibilities to explore and helps you consider your options before counting anything out. When you assume everything is possible, you naturally start with a larger bucket of opportunities to consider. With all these options, you can search for and narrow in on what lights you up and gets you excited about life. Uncovering what you’re passionate about is key to leading a fulfilling life, and using quantum thinking can help you get there.

This process of changing your mindset can be challenging, but stick with it! It helps to become more self-aware to understand who you really are and what you’re looking for out of life. You then have the power to think through all possibilities to find the path forward that best aligns with your goals. Your quantum thinking muscles will flex and eventually thinking in this way will become second nature.

From this place of boundless possibility, you can choose the paths that will energize you (and you'll be much less likely to find yourself burning out or quiet quitting your job). Instead, you'll be fully invested in yourself and lit up by your life and career path. ✨

How can quantum thinking help you unlock new levels of success in your coaching business?

Bringing quantum thinking techniques into your coaching business can help you deepen your relationships with clients while remaining impartial to any particular viewpoint or outcome.

By implementing quantum thinking, you’ll be able to consider perspectives outside of your own without automatically assuming yours is the correct one. You’ll be able to approach situations with an open mind knowing that there are other valuable perspectives to consider. You can then offer insight based on your own experiences while simultaneously expressing support for other ideas that might not fit perfectly within the framework of your own lived experience. This is such a powerful skill to have for coaching . . . and life!

Quantum thinking can help guide you to becoming a more empathetic coach, too. By holding multiple truths at once, you can understand where your new clients are coming from and relate to them better. Empathy is such an important trait for building trust and connecting with people, so bringing this into your repertoire will help you level up your coaching business with a quantum thought mindset.

Ready to embrace quantum thinking as a professional coach?

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