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Special Panel Discussion: The Role of Coaching in DEI
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Special Panel Discussion: The Role of Coaching in DEI

Coaches impact the lives of millions of people and are needed now, more than ever.

This is a responsibility we, as a coach training school, do not take lightly. 

We are committed to continued learning in diversity, equity, and inclusion and invite you to join us. How can the training and skills you learn through a coach training program support you in rising to these challenges, and helping others do the same?

In this next episode of the Energy Explorer Live Series, a special panel featuring Dionne Mack, iPEC’s DEI Executive Consultant and Coach, and Joan Ryan, CEO of iPEC, discussed and reflected on the current state of coaching and the role of coaches as it relates to these important topics.

Lead trainer, Tonya Echols, and Sherri Gerek, iPEC’s Chief Academic Officer, joined the panel to talk about the importance of coaching, furthering our consciousness, and how coaches can be more mindful and inclusive.

About Jenny Wiley, iPEC Director of Community

Jenny Wiley is the hustle and heart behind the team here at iPEC. She’s passionate about play, communication, heart hugs, and energetic connections in her work and with her family. As the Director of Community for iPEC, Jenny holds the space for developing processes and programs, mining and celebrating community feedback, and equipping community members with tools to help them grow and share our mission.

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