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Curious About The Online Coach Training Experience?

Scroll down to read from real-life students who have experienced iPEC's Professional Coach Training Program virtually!


"I have done a lot of zoom calls however a 3 day 10 hrs/day training experience was new for me. I was incredibly bummed out and almost felt robbed of an experience when the live session was canceled (due to COVID-19). I am thrilled to say I was EXTREMELY impressed and pleasantly surprised by how wonderful the three days went. The connection and learning were huge - in fact, I am considering switching my other modules to virtual as it was such a great experience!"
- Jenna J

"It was SO interactive and engaging! I did not expect to be so engaged through 10 hours for 3 days at my computer--it was the best virtual training I have been a part of! The time flew, the interaction was very natural, the facilitators were great and overall I felt like it was a very rich experience. I also didn't know what to expect with breakouts--the breakout part was really fun and effective--I got to work with mostly different people, and I loved the element of surprise as we all got sent off to our breakouts and had to wait to find out who we were going to be working with."
- Adrienne P.

"The (iPEC Coach Training Program), gives you something more valuable than knowledge, which is wisdom. Trusting and knowing that it's just about being at service. I love the one-on-one coaching. I think that was beautifully done."
-André V.

"My thought after Module I completion was: can't imagine how it would be in-person if virtually it was so breathtaking."
- Elena S. 

"I appreciated the opportunity to learn, from the comfort of my home. This made is much more cost-effective for me (no travel costs) and allowed me to still benefit from seeing my family while focusing on learning."
- Andy H.

"I received much more than what I expected to experience in the weekend
through our computer. Feeling the energy from other people around the world, was breathtaking."
- Esteban H.

"Trial by fire! The small group exercises initially triggered some fear and doubt but by Day 2 I was looking forward to them."
- Michael G.



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