Discover the iPEC Coaching Advantage

Become a Masterful and Successful Coach, and a Truly Effective Leader, with Our Core Energy Coaching™ Process -- the Foundation for Sustainable Change and Success

The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) offers the most comprehensive and experiential coach training program in the world, having built a robust curriculum that trains you, the individual, or your company, in an “inside-out” coaching methodology. Our approach creates significant and sustainable change and will transform your life and business, and the lives and businesses of those you coach, with unparalleled results. 

Our Core Energy CoachingTM process and Energy LeadershipTM framework are exactly why our students and clients don’t just learn how to become leaders – they truly embody its very definition, showing-up invigorated, authentic, and motivated by the opportunities before them; and, in turn, motivating those around them. As a result, iPEC is the first choice for those seeking a professional and progressive coach training or leadership development program.

Maybe you're a back-to-work mom, or someone in career transition, looking for a flexible and rewarding career as a Certified Professional Coach. Perhaps you're a Fortune 1000 CEO, or a business owner, looking to super-charge your business. No matter what led you here, iPEC's coach training and leadership development programs will help you to bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be. Our multi-disciplinary approach to training gives you the knowledge, tools, strategies, and skills to create sustainable change for yourself, your clients, and your teams. And, our combined coaching methodology and leadership framework give you the unparalleled ability to transform lives, businesses, and organizations – from the core.

Discover the iPEC Coaching Difference:

Life Coaching

Become A Certified Coach

Some of the most successful careers in professional life, business, and executive coaching begin with iPEC. Learn how you can specialize in a variety of coaching disciplines and deliver meaningful results, faster, with our proprietary Core Energy Coaching™ process. Become a Certified Coach…

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Engagement Programs

Lead the way to high performance by building energized and engaged teams through authentic leadership. Learn how iPEC can help increase engagement, drive performance, and transform your organization from the core. Create Engaged Teams…

Educational Coaching

Education Professionals Program

Become a certified provider of our Coach Centric Leadership™ for Education Professionals program. Learn how this unique business opportunity can help Education Service Agencies transform school districts from the core with measureable impacts on educational leadership and student achievement.  Explore Partnership Opportunities…