Becoming a Cancer Survivorship Coach

If you’ve clicked on this page, most likely you are:

  • Interested in the unique niches where iPEC coaches are successfully applying their coaching skills to make a difference
  • A cancer survivor who has heard about survivorship coaching and you’re curious about how we approach coaching for survivors
  • A caregiver researching on behalf of a loved one who is dealing with cancer
  • A healthcare practitioner interested in adding the coaching modality to your list of credentials and skills
  • A survivor or caregiver who would like to become a certified professional coach for those whose lives are touched by cancer

Let’s start with the basics…

What exactly IS a Cancer Survivorship Coach?

To answer this, Tambre Leighn, MA, CPC, ELI-MP, a leading expert in survivorship coaching and the Managing Director of 7th Level Wellbeing here at iPEC offered to share some of her story and insights into this unique niche of coaching.


From the Desk of Tambre Leighn…


When I started iPEC’s Coach Training Program (CTP), though I wasn’t certain the area I wanted to specialize in, I was very clear with myself that I was NOT going to be the cancer coach.  Losing my husband to Hodgkin’s inspired me to help others, but I had no plans to work within the cancer community.

The beauty of the skills, tools, approaches and the Energy Leadership™ model is that they can easily be applied to any niche.  When I first started coaching clients, I was focused on grief recovery and transitions coaching.  I often say, my true niche found me when a long term survivor was referred to me as a client.  The impact of coaching her was so profound and the need, with more than 13 million survivors – many of them struggling with the aftermath of the experience – is tremendous.

It is common for survivors who choose to hire a coach to show up struggling with:

  • Low energy levels
  • Fears about the future or the unknown
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Isolation
  • Relating to everyday life
  • Defining who they are now

Cancer Survivorship CoachingThe work I do as a cancer survivorship coach is not directly related to the illness.  It is best explained using the analogy of a set of train tracks.  My approach to working with clients dealing with chronic illness is to view it like a set of train tracks.  There are two rails.  The medical plan and diagnosis makes up one track.  It takes time, energy and resources to manage this aspect as a survivor.

The second track is the track called your life.  In addition to track one, survivors need to understand how to manage and have a life as the medical treatment unfolds and post treatment.

The fallout from cancer can be overwhelming.  Most survivors dig down and find coping mechanisms or fall into potholes of denial, feeling numb or checking out through addictive type behaviors.

A cancer coach is someone helps survivors gain clarity, get out of overwhelm and reduce stress so they can experience quality of life again.

In May of 2013, iPEC offered me the incredible opportunity to continue my work in survivorship while coming on board to launch 7th Level Wellbeing – a division focused on bringing the Coach Centric™ skills to healthcare and wellbeing to large employee populations.

Today, we have a growing number of graduates coaching in wellness, wellbeing, long term care, hospice, adoption, caregiving, survivorship and more.  Through our 7th Level Wellbeing Alliance Partner Program, grads with backgrounds in healthcare and relationships in the field join with us to introduce our 7th Level Wellbeing System for Healthcare to healthcare providers.

So, how can coaching help cancer survivors?

Cancer can often result in feeling like life has been put on hold.  Future dreams and goals change, as do priorities.  One of the significant benefits of coaching is that it helps clients reach clarity about fears, concerns, worries or challenges.

Simple, but effective, assessment tools help identify what is working in their life, what isn’t working and the changes they would like to generate to feel like they’re thriving.  We also identify stress triggers and create client-centered ways to transform it into an energy that works for, not against, survivors.

iPEC has created a number of one of a kind tools that set it apart from other coach training programs and that have helped our coaches to distinguish themselves in the work they do with survivors including iPEC’s proprietary Energy Leadership Index™ Assessment (ELI™), our Survivorship Wheel of Life and our Coaching Campus.  This year we are also launching the 7th Level Survivorship Care Plan™.  It is a first of its kind coaching based 7-phase virtual platform experience that empowers survivors to create their own plan to reduce stress, increase their energy and improve their quality of life in areas that matter most to them.

We invite you to become part of our rapidly growing certified professional coaches specializing in serving the cancer community with our (R)evolutionary approach to coaching survivors.


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