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3 Ways to Harness the Power of Choice in Uncertain Times

Throughout history, our collective consciousness has naturally been edging its way toward greater levels of freedom:

  • The freedom to vote.
  • The freedom to speak our wholehearted truth. 
  • The freedom to climb out of a lackluster existence and make a living doing meaningful, fulfilling, and world-changing work.

Freedom is deeply embedded in our DNA and the greatest freedom of all, of course, is the freedom to choose. 

But sometimes... 


And when it does, it’s normal to lose your footing—like the ground beneath your feet betrays you and is suddenly transformed into quicksand. You reach to hold onto something (anything!) to save you and desperately cling to what’s familiar as all of the “knowns” and “safeties” of life pour right through your fingertips. 

What now?

What do you do when you feel like you’ve lost your power to choose? How do you regain your footing and reclaim your power to be the cause that affects life?

Embrace the magic of the unknown.

When you’re on the precipice of a new reality, it is absolutely normal to feel scattered and overwhelmed. Breathe deeply into the truth that destruction always precedes creation and trust the process. Ask yourself “If [insert unwished-for situation here] was a gift in disguise, what would that gift be?”

Tend to your energy like a garden.

Your life outcomes are not a product of chance but an inevitable result of your energy. Are you moving your body and giving it some extra TLC? Are you meditating/grounding yourself? Are you reflecting on how you’re feeling/being and creating the space to shift where needed? This circumstance is a call to action—you’re being called to elevate to a higher, more powerful dimension of being. 

Find ways to CREATE choice (and opportunity)!

The right to choose your destiny is a sacred privilege. Realize that in every moment, you’re only one decision away from a new beginning—one that leads you toward fully stepping into the powerful human being you were put on this earth to be. 

And speaking of your power to create choice, it’s time to use it! 

Learn how to create more “choice” in how you think and feel so you can truly step into your role as the conscious creator of your life by scheduling a call with one of our certified coaches today.  

They’re standing by to help you choose what YOUR ideal future looks like so you can CHOOSE the path that will allow you to step into your greatest potential. 

Remember, ONE choice holds the power to change your life... forever.