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6 Ways To Turn A Negative Into A Positive

The phrase, “I don't care,” can oftentimes sound negative and in opposition to so many of our core principles, but these words can also provide a code to live by...a different perspective that can actually motivate you and keep you on track. Here are a few examples of things I don't really care about.

What Others Think of Me
Of course I value others’ opinions; but, I don't care what they think about me. I've chosen my path. I'm no longer a teenager who needs to follow the hottest trends and be part of the crowd. Caring (or better yet worrying) about what others think of you leads to trying to satisfy them, to gain approval. This can easily steer you off course when striving to fulfill your purpose. One of the most important lessons, I've learned, is that I need to be true to myself if I'm going to be who I want to be.

There are rich people and there are poor people. Some are happy and some are not. Can you tell the difference in someone's smile if they have money or not? I can't. Money is only a tool to get things. Lots of folks make lots of money doing jobs they hate. It may be trite, but money doesn't buy happiness.

What we did yesterday is done. It's gone. Good or bad, it's not going to change. So why should we care about it? Did you hit a home run? Great, grab your bat and do it again today. Did you strikeout? OK, grab your bat and try to do better today.

Thinking about yesterday can lead to regret. Thinking about tomorrow can breed worry. Either tomorrow is going to happen or it's not. If we're lucky enough to have a tomorrow, we'll tackle it head-on. Today is the day to affect what happens tomorrow. Plan, but don't worry.

Being Wrong
Being a married man, I've accepted that I'm wrong. About what? I have no idea, but I assure you, I'm wrong. Joking aside, who cares if we're wrong about something? Unless we negligently ignore facts and warnings, being wrong is the first step to learning. If you're never wrong, you aren't thinking much. If you never fail, you aren't trying anything challenging.

Being Told Something Can't Be Done
Want to see me do something you think is impossible? Tell me it can't be done. Let's take the negativity of others and turn it into the fuel that fires our engines. Someone tells you that there's no way you can live your purpose? Live the living hell out of your purpose – not to prove them wrong, but because it's your passion.

What are some things you “don't care” about? How does it fuel your engine and keep you on course in being who you want to be?

Live on fire!

D. Luke Iorio, CPC, PCC, ELI-MP
President & CEO
Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)